Thursday, March 4, 2010


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the month of March. It certainly has been a long and dreary winter with very little sunlight for what we normally are given. Or at least it seemed that way this year. I read somewhere that the sun was only out 6 or 7 days in the month of February. That statistic just seems crazy to me! I didn't actually count the days we had bright sunlight but it was very few.

Spring is in the air and it's just a few days away. I can almost smell it, it's so close! But not close enough! I, like most of the world, am quite sick of the long winter days and am ready for some pretty and sunny ones. I just have to remind myself to be patient and the sun will soon shine bright enough on the majority of days we are blessed to have. Not only am I looking forward to the sunshine, but I am especially excited about the warm weather that will be here before we know it. I am ready to kick the long sleeves back in the spare closet and wear all of my lovely warmer weather clothes! Just a few more weeks.... GRRR! (Patience is virtue, I know.)

Along with spring will also come the birds singing again, the trees blossoming, the flowers sprouting out, the whole look of pastels and pretty colors again. I am also ready to see the mud dry up from the thousands and gazillion feet few feet of snow that dumped on us in February. That was just some crazy snowfall if you ask me! HOPEFULLY we are on the upper end of that and won't be cursed with any more snow until next winter. (Hint, Lord, Please!!) But soon enough all will be perfect and pretty again in the lovely outside world.

So here comes the countdown...
16 DAYS UNTIL SPRING!! ONLY 16. And tomorrow when we wake up, it will be 15 DAYS UNTIL SPRING. Even better!!! I'm just happy the temps are supposed to bring the 50 degrees mark this weekend. They cannot come fast enough for me!!!!

So join me in counting down the days until spring. We will all welcome spring with wide open arms in 2010. At least I will! Until next time, God Bless!

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