Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween 2012!  I used to be so organized about getting the kids costumes 6-8 weeks before Halloween.  My oldest daughter would tell me in September what she wanted to be and I would jump on ebay and hunt down the perfect costume.  There were years I got in bidding wars with those other moms who wanted that same costume for their young ones!  But I usually came out the winner, even if it cost me fifty dollars more then I wanted to spend!  These last couple years I have become one of those moms who asks their kids what they want to be for Halloween, but then don't really start searching for costumes until about the middle of October. Well, I can't exactly shop for Jenna's costume because she changes her mind ten times a day every other day!  So this year, I was on top of things and made them look at costumes a month before Halloween.  Jen decided she wanted to be a spider countess, which of course they had plenty of them in stock at that time.  Well, I figured it was just a phase and she would change her mind.  Little did I know, she really meant she wanted to be a spider countess.  So a couple weeks ago I started looking for that exact costume and to my luck, I couldn't find it!  So finally the second store in another city that I checked had 1 more in stock and BINGO - her size!!  God was working in my favor that day!  I kept asking Alyssa what she wanted to be.  "Mom, I don't know, I need to look at costumes."   GRRR...... I told her to make up her mind and quickly.  So finally Saturday we hit one of those Halloween stores that are way too expensive just to see what they had.  I looked at those prices and thought 'no way!!'  Luckily we scored a witch's costume for under $15.  Again, BINGO!!  Until we started adding accessories from another store... a witch's brooms, of course orange and black witch's tights, shoes, make-up.... Sigh.....

Oh, but while picking up last minute accessories, we hit the jackpot and found our family dog a pumpkin costume.  The girls and I were so excited about the dog's costume... daddy.. not so much but we convinced him the dog would love it!

Happy Halloween!  Stay safe no matter what you do on this Halloween night.

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