Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's a Blonde Mix!

So where are all the blondes in this world? Well for starters, the author of this blog Hmm.. wonder who that would be thinks she is blonde. Or at least I act like one. Just ask my mother! But in this past week, I think my blondeness (is that even a word, maybe I should look it up at http://www.dictionary.com/ and see???) has rubbed off on my lovely mother.

Just the other day she ordered something for me at a restaurant. I wanted a water to drink. So while ordering she ordered a "water plain." I was in the vehicle with her and didn't even think much about it (another example of my blondeness) and then she repeated to herself "water plain." Then she told the person taking the order she meant just a "water." Well once I realized what she'd ordered, I started laughing hysterically. I won't quite let her live that one down for awhile. So I do believe I'm rubbing off on her.

If that wasn't enough, just a couple days later she tried to send an e-mail with a few blonde jokes in it. She was sending the blonde jokes to my blondie (as I call him and yes he is a real blonde) as a way to make fun of me since I act so much like a blonde. Well she cc'd me on the e-mail and forgot to send it to the original intended recipient. So like a good daughter, I forwarded the e-mail on to whom it was supposed to go to originally. So that's instance #2 within 2 days! BTW, I still love you mom.

I received a blonde joke on e-mail the other day. See the pic below. The sign says "Corn Maze for Blondes" next to a single stalk of corn. I thought it was pretty funny so I had to send it on. That is my idea of a corn maze and surely I couldn't get lost! What do you think?

Have you ever done a corn maze before? I did one time probably 8 or 9 years ago. It was actually pretty easy and we didn't really get lost. We had to find the center of the corn maze and then we got a special treat ~ a piece of Halloween candy hanging in a Halloween bucket. WOOOOH all that work for a piece of candy - it was great LOL.

So who else can we add to the "blonde mix?" Oh I don't know, maybe us blondes who lock our keys in our truck. Not that an incident like this happened or anything, but it makes for a good story, right? That's what I thought too.

So here is to all natural blondes, wanna-be blondes, and others who blondes rub off on! People can send all the blonde jokes they want but it doesn't change the bottom line:

BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN! Right, Blondie? =-)


country4life said...

Blondes only have more fun because they have to do it twice to get it right.

country4life said...

I would like to comment on my blonde moment of plain water.

For anyone who spends any time with my daughter, you would begin to understand how easy it is to begin to act like one, a blonde, I mean!

I believe we had went to Walmart before going to pick up my darling granddaughters from their dad's house. I was hungry and it was SO convenient to stop in the McDonalds on the way out the door. So I get my food and then she starts whining she wants cheesesticks from White Castle which is clear across the big parking lot. Well we are running late so I am fussing at her about taking time to go there. I pull up to the drive up place your order her spot. Of course she could have offered to go in and order so I could eat my food. NOT So I have a mouth full of food and the speaker says what may I get for you? My first thought can you take my whinny daughter but being the good mother I am, I chew a couple of times and begin to place the order. When she added water to cheesesticks, my thought was a cup of water and not a bottle of water. So that is when I said plain water. At least I feel much better telling my side of the story. Next time you want cheesesticks the answer is NO!!

Simple Country Girl said...

Mommy Dearest,

We have to do everything twice? You hit the nail on the head with that comment with the situation I went through this year. The second time will be the last time for me on that scenario. It's just a matter of time...

Now in response to the water comment ~ I guess you have the right to defend yourself on that. But the sad thing of it was I didn't even realize you had ordered "plain water" until you repeated it to yourself and shook your head. So I was as much of a ditz for not realizing what you said until you repeated it. HA!

Your favorite (and only) daughter