Monday, May 11, 2009

People Watching

I have found a new fun hobby to do when I am out somewhere and passing the time. It is called "people watching." I think we all do this and don't even know it sometimes. Are you ever out and about and bored so you start watching other people around you? Or just sit on a bench and watch people walk by? It's actually funny to do, and it makes for great conversation.

Thanks to my boyfriend I am learning to read facial expressions and what is on others' minds at times. He has the natural ability to do that and it's starting to rub off on me. For example, when we were out the other night, there was a variety of people around us. All in the same place ~ some there to have fun, some there to meet others, and some had no clue what they were doing there. But it was interesting to watch the faces of others as they interacted with people or just walked around. Some were dressed for the occasion, some were dressed to get some attention, and there were others, that were well, how do I say it, dressed so they stood out in the crowd. Now that isn't always a good thing.

Take the blonde chick with the shirt that showed her belly off. Now I admit she was cute, but totally fake. She had about 20 different guys on the dance floor with her and she was a little crazy thing. And then there was Virgin Mary. (Ok, so she earned that nickname for the evening). Virgin Mary had a hairstyle from the 1970's, dressed in a long white flowing gown that spun around when she hit the dance floor, and brown boots that totally did not match the hair or the dress. I'm not trying to be superficial, but she definitely had the attention from everyone in the place. What kind of attention? The kind of attention that no one wants to have. The kind of attention that makes you wonder if she'd been stuck in a coma since 1976 and decided to wake up 33 years later and march straight out into 2009 without any kind of transformation. But she was having a great time with the man from the 1980's gentleman who twirled her around the floor all night. But I just couldn't help it, every time she passed me I just wanted to grab her and offer to give her a makeover myself! And I am not an expert at those, but I could have transformed her into a Y2K gal at the least.

Then there was the girl in flip flops that knew all the dances there. She just about fell on her butt a few times but she did not care. She was there to have fun and that's all that mattered. So good for her! At least her black flip flops that she almost fell in matched her black shirt that showed part of her belly when she danced a little too fast.

Oh and we can't forget the sweet little old 67 year old lady from northern Indiana. She was there with a group of friends who were subscribed to an online dating site. The dating site had a party there that evening and the singles couldn't be missed! They had cute little flashy buttons yelling "I am single! I am single!" Now thank God I am no longer available because being single isn't all it's cut up to be. Don't get me wrong, it can be fun. But finding a love worth the wait is definitely above being single and fun loving all the time. So anyway, back to the sweet little old lady. She had 5 kids and 7 grandkids and had only been divorced for 3 years. Wow, that is quite an accomplishment and then to be single at that age kind of blew my mind. She was dancing her little heart out with friends and my cowboy pulled her to the side where we were sitting so we could chat with her. She was having a good ole time with friends and could care less to find her a sweet old man that night. We wanted to tell her when the time is right, she would find her match and to wish her good luck. She tried to pull us out on the dance floor but we just giggled and declined her offer.

And then there is the old man that hoots and hollers at every song. He can't be missed a mile away! And he is there every time I go. Now I don't know about you, but that's the way I want to be. If I'm going to be old and gray someday (even though I will probably always remind a blonde or at least have the brains of one), I want to be fun loving and having a blast when I am of the senior age. He is a hoot to watch and tries to reel in every boy, girl, woman and man that he can get to join him. I think his name might be Keith. He is cute for an old man though!

And then there were the two girls who kept dancing with each other all night. Now I don't have a problem with that, but they were making quite a big scene in such a public place. But at least they aren't ashamed of who they are and were having quite a ball like everyone else that night.

And then take the people who have baggy enough pants that you want to take your belt off and loan it to them just so you don't have to see their tightie whities or blackie boxers underneath! I know that is the style nowadays but I do not care to see someone's undergarments. Just not my taste. I guess I could throw the girl in there that had the thong underneath her dress. Yes, she had a cute dress on with her little boots. But the thong outline was a bit more noticeable than I cared to see. And then there was the girl in the dress whose boobs might have well been exposed for the world to see. She had one of those little strappy dresses on that barely contained her girls. And it just made her night when my cowboy smiled at me but I wasn't watching, and she took that as a smile that was made at her. I was happy to be a part of making someone else happy for a few moments =-).

Now this new habit of mine can be done about anywhere. The grocery store, an amusement park, Wal-Mart (since I never go to that store practically live there some days), a sporting event, or anywhere people go on a daily basis. So next time you are bored or passing the time while out in public, try it. Watch peoples' faces as they stroll along. You will find people smiling, people sad, people crying, and people that are just in a hurry. You will find a little bit of everything really. Then try this - make up your own scenario of what they are thinking or where they are heading. The possibilities are endless, and it gives you something to do! Just remember to be discreet about it so you don't get caught "people watching!"

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