Friday, May 1, 2009

Strawberries... Yummy or Yucky?

I was recently looking through a catalog of products I could order. I decided I would try something new to mix things up a little bit. Now this was nothing big (or so I thought), but I ordered some new strawberry shower gel for my daughters and I to use. What I quickly realized was that my petty little order of the new shower gel would stir up alot of drama in my house! But then again with all girls, why would anyone expect any less than drama, drama, and even more drama?!?!

Now I can't lie, I was excited to use the "new" shower gel. After using the same old boring stuff we buy from Wal-Mart, it was nice to have a change. You know, years ago I used to go to Victoria Secret's and buy all my shower gel there. But why would I pay $10 for a bottle when I could pay $2-3 for stuff that just gets used up anyway? Maybe I haven fallen into the trap of saving money since I have kids! Come to think of it... I used to buy those $10 bottles before I had my babies, so I can blame the kids for no longer buying the expensive kind. Or maybe I am just smarter in my closer to 30 years old age and have learned how to save money over the years. Anyway, so back to the "new" strawberry scented shower gel... I used it and was very impressed by the smell. So I thought WOW the kids are going to love this stuff.

Ok so my little one LOVES to eat strawberries and enjoys anything strawberry scented. So I just knew she would LOVE the new strawberry shower gel so she could smell strawberriliciously clean! And I was right on target with that one. In fact, she was so excited about the new red stuff that she couldn't wait to jump in the bath. She was smelling the top of the bottle before she even used it and decided it was yummy! Then she was in heaven while she got to use the new shower gel. Then the time came for her to get out of the bath and older sis to get in the tub. Only there was one problem... I could not find the strawberry shower gel anywhere when it was time for big sis to wash herself off. Hmmm.... one answer to that problem... it was called the strawberry shower gel thief!

Sure enough, my detective skills were right. I hunted down the little one in another part of the house and yes, the evidence was instantly found! She not only wanted to use the strawberry shower gel in the bath, but she proceeded to carry it around with her the rest of the night. So big sis had to settle for vanilla scented shower gel that night since little sis refused to give up HER new shower gel.

Now the other problem with my little one is that she likes to put things in her mouth that she shouldn't (even though she knows better). I think at one point she was trying to take the cap off to eat the shower gel, but I got that stopped before it even started. I told her that if she ate the shower gel, it would be yucky and she would never be able to use it again. She must have believed me because the rest of the night, she just carried it around and didn't threaten to eat it anymore! So a word of advice... if your child likes a certain flavor or scent, pick up some shower gel with that scent and WALLAH... a new entertainment device! LOL

So we now know that my little one was in love with the strawberry shower gel. Well fast forward a couple nights and I noticed my back was itching and would not stop. I was offered the brilliant suggestion that I had recently changed shower gel, and maybe that was the reason behind my skin being irritated. Hmmm... it's a thought but I honestly don't know if that's what did it or not. All I know was that it was irritating! LOL

So the big night came for big sis to use the new shower gel yesterday evening. She was happy with the vanilla scent from the last bath (you know since the little thief took the strawberry kind). Well not thinking much about it and trying to hurry up and get them to bed so I could crash, I grabbed the first shower gel I saw ~ the famous strawberry kind. My little one actually hadn't confiscated it yet so it was still available for use. So big sis started to use the lovely smelling stuff, then immediately started screaming like a little drama queen as if something was terribly wrong. Then the drama began...

"What is this nasty smelling stuff?" "It's making me stinky." "It smells like a sick dog's diarrhea!" Ok, now I stopped at that one and said WHAT?!?! A sick dog's diarrhea? Where in the world did that come from? And how in the world did she know know what a sick dog's diarrhea smelled like? Now the thought of that is just beyond disgusting! Then the drama saga continued. Even after she was out of the bath, I still had to hear how she was stinky now! Ok, isn't the point of taking a bath to get clean and unstinky? So I still don't get how she was stinky after taking a bath. Just because she did not like the smell of the new strawberry stuff, she concluded she now stunk like the shower gel. Lovely.

After a few minutes of the drama over the new shower gel, I had had quite enough of listening to the mouth. So I gently reminded her to be appreciative she had a mother that took good care of her, and that some day she would thank me. Have you ever told your kids that one day they will grow up and have kids? And have you ever said to your child that you hope their children act just like they did when they were young so they would know how it felt? Not that those words left my mouth or anything. Just a pondering question...

So the final answer is... my little one gets to have the entire bottle of strawberry shower gel to herself. Since it makes mommy itch and big sis thinks it smells like a dog's diarrhea butt, she can have it all. So she is happy and won't have to steal the bottle to keep it to herself anymore! Now I just have to make sure she doesn't eat any of and all will be fine!


Cowboy said...

Thats funny but I think the older 1 preffers to smell like the stinky the goat and sheep barn rather than the sweet smell of strawberries lol

Simple Country Girl said...

Actually I think that's the younger one! But you know you do have a point. She'd rather stink than take a bath some nights LMAO

Little Country Girl said...

That was very funny Mom. I love most strawberry-scented stuff,but that strawberry body-wash smelled horrible!!! The vanilla body-wash is mine,but I guess you can use just a little bit. I get to use the most vanilla body-wash though. LOL! I am serious about using the vanilla body-wash more than anybody,though.

country4life said...

I am almost offended by the comment from Cowboy. The goat and sheep barn may not smell like roses but to say it is stinky is offending. The girls love it, sorry for the smelling clothes.