Friday, August 21, 2009

From Light to Darkness, and Darkness to Light...

Each morning begins a new day with the sun rising. And each day ends with darkness taking over the light of day. When the sun rises with each day, we are given a new beginning each and every day. Some days will be better than others. On our good days, we appreciate life and all that we have been given. On our not so good days, we are down and ready for a new day dawning to erase all the bad stuff that happened that day. On our bad days, the next day will be better, and the next day, and the next, until we can have a good day again.

I love the sun rising every morning. It indicates a fresh start to another day; another blessing from the Lord that we are still here on God's green earth. We should always attempt to get up and start our day with a smile. No matter how hard it is, we should look at the positive aspect of life and realize we are blessed with another day here. Another day to do what we need to do, go where we need to go, and take care of the things that we need to take care of. As the sun rises and shines down on the world, things come alive. People wake up, flowers sprout, everyone is usually happy and ready to get the day started with the sunlight's arrival.

As the day progresses, the sun becomes brighter and brighter. So as the rises in the east, moves around to the other side, and sets in the west, it lights the world for all to see as they go about their daily routines. Then in late afternoon or early evening, the sun's job is done for the day and it must go get some rest for its hard work of lighting the world the next day. So that's when the sun takes a break and allows the moon to rise so that night can fall. With the rising of the moon, daylight fades and the world becomes dark.

Life can also be this way. We have our bright and happy moments, and then something happens and darkness enters our world. I heard a quote a couple weeks ago that said "If not for the darkness, we could not truly see the light." We must all have dark times in our life so that we can see the light. Sometimes God tests us and sends struggles our way to see how we will handle those difficulties. We can either crawl under a rock and pretend they do not exist or we can face them head on and deal with the hard times. In order to get some thing or some place we are supposed to be, we sometimes have to do some things we have never did before. Many times we tread into unknown territory but that is when we need to pray for guidance and for the Lord to shine the light on our path. That unknown territory can be extremely frightening. Often times we are comfortable with our life the way it is, or we deal with issues because we do not think we have a choice. We always have a choice, and we should always do what we think is the right thing. Sometimes the right thing isn't what we want to do, but we must do that in order to move forward in life.

If your life is rolling along smoothly right now, that is wonderful! But if you are struggling with something or a situation, remember it is only temporary. Remember we must all have darkness in order to see the light about things in life. And there is no time limit on how quick we will see the light about whatever it is we are dealing with. It's all in God's time, and we should not go against that. We are all tested at some point in our lives. But those tests only make us stronger in the end. Remember this - Everything is ok in the end. And if it's not ok, then it's not the end. So always remember with light comes the darkness. Keep your head held high and move through the shadows of darkness and eventually you will come to your light on the path of life when the time is right.

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Cowboy said...

that is very good, we all have struggle that we have to deal with and it is all in gods hands when we ask him for guidance. you have some very good quotes in there and they are inspiring