Monday, August 16, 2010

Goodbye Summer, Hello School Year

I must say summer really flew this year. I know we all say that every year, but it did! Normally by this time of year, I am beyond ready for my kids to go back to school. Well, guess what? Not this year! I feel like the summer slipped out from under my feet and just flew away. So how did summer fly by so fast?

I sure would like to know the answer to that question! The length of any given day is 24 hours, no matter what season the day falls. But it seems like the entire summer was over in 24 hours. Maybe I can say that now that our fair is over. Oh yes, the fair. Our family usually loves the fair every year. But this year was a little different. Why? Maybe I shouldn't say that it was different, I guess it's the fact that my daughter can now do any 4-H project that she desires. But some projects take much more time than others. Like... the dog. Don't get me wrong; I love the dog, and I love the fact my daughter loves her dog and that dog is her ultimate favorite project. BUT when you add on the goats, the sheep, the horses, (and don't forget the guinea pig), it makes for a very busy summer. With an average of 3 nights of practice a week, most often 4 nights a week between Monday and Thursday with all the different animals, it made me a very tired mommy and two tired little girls! On a positive note though, my daughter did very well with all of her projects and with all of her animals she showed so that made me the tired, but very proud mommy! On a second positive note, it's all over! No more practices with animals until next year... Well, except for the State Fair practices this week... Grrrrr!!!! *Grin!*

With the ending of summer break comes the beginning of the school year. The kids are always excited, nervous, scared, glad, happy and sad all rolled into one! Glad to see their friends again, sad that summer has come to an end yet again. This will also be a year of big change for me ~ instead of one child in school, it will double and make it two kids in school. ='( ='(. Yes, it saddens me just a little. I have always said I would be so glad when they both went to school, but I am recanting those words at the moment. I know it's all part of kids growing up, but it's still hard when the "baby" goes to kindergarten. No, she is not a baby, but yet she is still "the baby." The youngest is always the baby no matter how old they are! Can I get an amen?!?! At least for now, she is still the baby!

Let's do the math here. Since my youngest is in kindergarten, add on five years and that makes the oldest in 5th grade. Here at our school, 5th grade rules the school. So she is excited about being the top dog this year! Let's just see if she can have yet another year of straight A's and get her name engraved on the plaque hanging in the school hall again :). I am just grateful for the fact they will be in the same school one year together and big sis can guide little sis and show her the ropes of the big, scary school.

As another summer comes to a close, we will soon welcome fall and all that comes along with that. Our kids will turn another year older, and so will we. It's just another reminder that we get older each and every day. We may not feel it (and we might some days) but it's the truth of reality. I am that happy our family had a wonderful summer even though it may have been stressful at times. I am glad my girls were able to have fun and soak up some summer sun. Once school gets back in session, I will eventually find the gratefulness in school days again. At least the routine will be back. Oh, but with routine comes the homework. And since I will have double duty this year, I will say a prayer that we can accomplish homework successfully and in a timely manner this year. That is to be determined, I suppose...

Good luck to all the kids out there who have gone back to school and those who soon will. Before I know it, I will be writing the fall and winter blahs blogs again! LOL. I know my kids will be fine in school this year, but I will probably shed a tear or two after the school bus leaves. I think that's just a Mommy thing, but it's ok because I know God will take care of them while they are not in my care! Have a blessed day, adios for now :)

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