Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Adios to October!

Did I really flip my calendar over a page yesterday? Why yes, yes I did. That means we say goodbye to October and hello to November. And October, I am extremely sorry, but you did not receive a blog post! I have been so busy with everyday life that I neglected to post at least something in October. So for that, I am sorry. Please forgive me!

With that said, let's move on! October is one of my favorite months of the year. The beautiful colors of fall are at their peak. The summer air moves out and brings the chilly fall winds. Harvest season is in full swing. You can't drive by a field on a nice day without seeing a combine harvesting the corn or cutting the beans. I will always have an obsession with combines. To me, there is no greater scene then seeing the crops our farmers work so hard to plant in the spring ready to come out of the ground and move on to production. It's a sweet sight! And don't forget the pumpkin patch. Our family has an annual tradition to visit a local pumpkin patch and pick them out each year. We didn't get around to carving them this year, but that's ok. That means they will last longer and look pretty on the front porch for a few more days! And then there are the days where you freeze in the mornings with the heater cranked and by afternoon, you have shedded your jacket and run the air conditioning on the way home. That is just good ole Indiana weather there! We had a great month of October this year. My dear other half hit a milestone birthday and was blessed with a surprise party hosted by a great party planner. And I'm happy to say the surprise went off without a hitch! We also spent a few days in Tennessee and had a wonderful little vacation. My girls had the time of their lives, and it was nice to relax for a few days. And then, there is Halloween. Oh yes, I just LOVE Halloween! Next to Christmas time, it's my favorite holiday. The girls received enough candy to feed an army to last until they are fully grown. And who is going to eat it all? Not them, not us, who knows! I have already spent about 3 hours sorting it all out. You know, putting the "good" candy bars in one container, and the "junk" candy in another. You all know what I am talking about! The kids come home with a huge variety of candy and you pick through and get your favorites, and some others you might eat once a year. Then the kids can take what they want. But parents must get their favorites first! After all, it was the parents who bought the costumes, drove the kids around, and walked to every door with them. (At least that's how our Halloween happens every year). So it's only fair that parents get first pick, right?!?! Actually, I am not a big candy eater and I never will be. I will eat a mini snickers or reese's cup, and I am content with that! But there is nothing like candy for breakfast on November 1 every year. I think that's another tradition that rolls over from October annually ~ and not so much for me, but any parent who takes their child trick-or-treating.

Some people start Christmas shopping in October too. I am one of those people. I don't go for the big purchases, but I do pick up little things here and there. To me, it's easier to purchase gifts along the way so you don't have such a big expense all at once. Some people can shop all year and I think that's great, but I could never do that. My kids interests change from month to month, sometimes week to week. And it's hard to return something bought 9 months ago!

With November brings other changes to our lives. A job change for the better, a new pony joining our family, and cold weather :( are just a few. We are in a time where God has been gracious in His blessings, and I cannot wait to see what happens in the near future. With God on our side, life is good and full of happiness! We have learned that when we do our best day in and day out, and truly live for God, good things will happen. All God wants His people to do is to live right, be kind to one another, and live for Him. Things will happen in His time, not ours. And they do. You just have to have faith and believe!

Even though November is not my favorite month, it is here. The days will soon told colder, that white stuff will hit the ground sometime in the next few months, and the cycle of winter will begin again. And the blahs will hit! Make the most of today, tomorrow, and each day that follows because there is a blessing in each and every day. Sometimes we just have to look for it!

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