Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Time The Well Ran Dry (Literally)

This certainly has been a wicked year for weather. 2010 started out fairly normal, but then around springtime, the clouds took over and we had several gloomy days. And rain! We had enough rain to last us what I thought was a long time. That thought sure was wrong. It then turned from too much rain to not enough. And then that became a drought after 4 months with hardly any rain at all. The grass turned brown; we went from mowing at least once a week to maybe once a month. The ground was so dry. Just to look at it was a sad sight. It was as if the ground was screaming "I'm so thirsty, PLEASE water me!" The weatherman would tease us with potential rain in the forecast. And on those days it was supposed to rain, it did not. And if it did, it was barely enough to even make a dent in the drought like conditions everyone experienced.

The drought like conditions also affected us on a personal level. Our well, which has been fine for years and years, took a hit and decided to run low on water. Low enough that we ran out of water in our house. The first time it happened was late August. We were fortunate to have a fire truck dump 6000 gallons of water in the well for us. 8 days later... DRY AGAIN! In just 8 days! That meant no more laundry to be done at home, no more long hot showers (which wasn't a problem for me but my kids love those long hot showers!), no more wasting water of any kind. We are not a family that wastes water by any means, but it meant cutting down every place we could think of. No more allowing the water to run while brushing teeth, filling the sink only half full to do dishes, little things like that. And it also meant turning off the water softener because it was draining too much water. So after we ran out of 6000 gallons of water in 8 days, we were blessed to receive another 6000 gallons from the fire truck. But that would be the last load of water we could get like that. Our blessings from the fire station were great, but were complete.

Let me say the best thing happened in September. It finally rained! Even just a little bit was better then nothing. And then guess what? It rained again in October. What a wonderful blessing God decided to pour down on us! But it was short lived. I think I heard thunder a time or two last month, but I almost forgot what it sounded like since I haven't heard it for months.

So last night I am getting ready to do dishes, and all of a sudden I saw something I did not want to see. My faucet stopped dripping water; it was done. Oh no, out of water AGAIN! My good mood I was in quickly turned to frustration and irritation. I am a positive person most all the time, but that was enough to dampen that concept for a few minutes. Thank goodness we have a truck and water tank we can haul water to our well. Let's just say it made an evening trip last night! And probably will again tonight, and tomorrow, and this weekend...

They always say the third time is a charm. Well, I'm not really sure how I can apply this to my well running out of water for the third time. Is this the charm that we aren't going to let it happen again? That we will just keep hauling water from now on? I really don't know, but there has to be some charm to this. One thing is for certain - I have decided our next house will have a pond and the chances of running out of water will be slimmer! I am thankful that I can do our laundry at my nearby relative's house. I am thankful that we have enough water for our showers, and to do dishes. I think I would have a mental breakdown if I could not do dishes after a long evening of cooking. Call me a clean freak because I am overly obsessed with keeping my house clean 24/7, but it would drive me up the wall to not be able to wash those dirty dishes. Ugh yuck!!!

This situation is where being a laidback, easygoing person really helps. I could have acted out of control and have been so upset from having no water. But what good would that accomplish? Yes, it is/was frustrating, but it is one of life's little hurdles that I have to jump and not let it get me down. I always find the good in every situation, and you might ask what the good in this situation is? I really have no clue, but there has to be something positive that can come from our well running dry. Maybe it's the fact I have decided to dig a pond at our next house site. Or the fact that my patience was tested not once, not twice, but three times, and I handled it with a good attitude. Why get mad over something I have no control over? There is no point. But I will say I have been praying for more and more rain since it ran out the first time!

The expression of "when the well runs dry" is often used as an analysis, or at least I have heard that phrase in the past. I guess it's along the lines of "when the money runs out" or "the cow runs dry." I have heard all those. Funny thing is that our well literally ran dry. But that does not mean my faith will run out or any lower. In fact, it will be just the opposite. I have faith that the Lord will provide everything we need. I have faith that the Lord will provide us with water when we need it. It might be an inconvenience to do laundry elsewhere or cut back on using water, but I am hugely grateful for the fact we have a way to haul water and that we are able to still take our daily showers, etc. I will not let this major inconvenience defeat me. Instead, I will roll with it and find ways to accommodate the nuisance of less water. Before too long, that winter "s" cussword white stuff will be here. I am never a fan of (I can't even say it)... s-n-o-w, BUT if it will snow and then melt and help the ground receive the moisture it needs, then I am a fan of that wholeheartedly. I probably just jinxed myself and we will receive like 5000 inches of snow this year. No, but in all seriousness, I do pray for more rain on a daily basis; not only for myself, but for everyone else around here that needs us. Lord, please send us inches of rain if you can hear me :) (And I know You can!)

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