Monday, November 2, 2009

Don't Hate Me Because I Am Beautiful

Don't hate me because I am beautiful! I am not referring to myself in this statement saying that you should hate ME because I am beautiful. What I am simply saying is sometimes even the most beautiful people on the outside are not the most beautiful people on the inside. Don't judge a book by it's cover until you read the story inside. In other words, don't make determinations about a person from their looks. There could be so much more to that person if you take the time to get to know them.

We have all been guilty of looking at someone and judging them by their appearance. Now don't get me wrong, sometimes it's obvious that a person is going to be judged by their appearance. For example, if a person wears something they know good and darn well they shouldn't, they are going to get noticed. It might get some positive attention but more than likely it will be negative attention from people pointing and thinking the person should know better. Like the person who knows their clothes are too tight but squeezes in the clothes anyway. Or the person who's midriff is showing and they don't care. Or someone who wears clashing clothes and could care less. So sometimes people ask to be judged from their appearance. But often times people judge others when they don't even know the person.

One of my biggest pet peeves is people that judge others. I will not say I have never judged someone, but I do not make a habit of it. Judging others is actually a sin and we should not do it. But we are all guilty of it or have been in the past. What amazes me is how someone can create an entire profile of a person just from meeting them or seeing them one time. And some people create that profile without even ever talking to the person. That fact is even more amazing if you ask me. Obviously you are not going to learn everything about a person the first time you meet them, but you can usually get a pretty good idea of what type of person they are by their words, their actions, and how they treat others.

Many people are pretty on the outside, but again, it does not mean they are pretty on the inside. And quite the opposite is true as well ~ a person may not be the most attractive on the outside, but have a heart of gold and are beautiful on the inside. So many people these days are fake or put on an appearance on the outside, aka "a show for others." They will tell you what you want to hear, do what you want them to do, but they may have an ulterior motive or be lying to your face just to win you over. Then once you are reeled in by that person, their true colors come out. I have had people in my life like this before - they are all nice in the beginning and then turn out to be one of the most horrible and ugly people I have ever known. I once knew a girl who was drop dead gorgeous on the outside, thin, blonde hair, very pretty. But she was also very devious and conniving and wanted to cause trouble for anyone she could. All of a sudden I didn't see her as a pretty girl anymore, but instead as a mean heartless witch! People comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes but do not be fooled by the exterior of a pretty face.

Everyone has something that they want to hide from the world. It could be something they have done, a secret that they know, something they were involved in, thoughts they have had, and the list goes on and on. Each person in this world has something they are ashamed of and do not want anyone to know about. It doesn't have to be a monumentally terrible thing. It could be a negative thought you had and knew it was wrong. Just because each person has something they aren't proud of does not mean that they are a bad person. It simply means we are all human and things happen, sometimes beyond our control. Most of the time we can keep those deep dark ugly secrets or things hidden from the world. But sometimes those things come to the surface and then the big bad ugly monster comes out.

Have you ever known someone you thought was just great and they could do no wrong? Well, maybe in the beginning you were fooled and then once you really got to know the person, you realized they were not perfect, nor were they even close to perfect. It just proves the point that we should get to know someone before making conclusions about that person. There are all kinds of people in the word and just because they have a pretty face does not mean they have a pretty soul or are the kindest person in the world.

It is wonderful to be beautiful, it is great if you are blessed to have good looks and are beautiful. I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way, even if they do not have the looks of a supermodel. But just remember beauty is only skin deep. Remember to get to know a person before making a judgement of character based on looks only. You will be very fooled if you judge a book by it's cover often times. And also remember that beautiful people are often times the ones who have more trouble and problems than the average person. So do not hate someone because they are beautiful; sometimes those people are the ones who we need to feel sorry for because they are not beautiful on the inside. For those of you who really get to know a person before deciding what kind of person they are, thank you. Maybe you could teach others to do the same! And for those of you who hate people because they are beautiful ~ well, I don't know what to tell you other than you need to change your thinking and stop making assumptions based on little knowledge. I believe everyone should get a fair chance in the beginning. But the sad truth is there are many shallow people out there who only see outer beauty and don't really get to know a person on the inside. And sometimes that will come back to bite us in the rear end. Again, everything that glitters is not gold and beautiful people aren't always beautiful. Don't judge others because what comes around goes around and it will haunt you someday for making judgements. Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!

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country4life said...

Sorry you may preach a good story because you hear a good story. But as your friend said take off the blinders and see beside yourself not just in front.

A first impression is just that, a first impression but you must remember that you always build from that first moment first impression first word first action.
And actions speak louder than words.

You know that this is the United States of America and people can have opinions and thoughts and are not robots who are told what to think and do. I believe it is called freedom of speech.

Just to let you know and all of your blog followers I am offended that this could have been written for me, about me or against me, as many of them are or for. LOL

In closing sorry I am your mom for always and with that said I will always love you no matter what you say, write, think or do.