Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Life is Short

Life is short. We never know what will happen from one day to the next, sometimes even one minute to the next. I always preach to live life to the fullest and grab every opportunity that comes your way. Do you wish you had a crystal ball that could tell you your future? Tell you exactly what was going to happen, when it was going to happen, how it was going to happen? Many in this world would answer Yes to this question. I probably would have wanted to know my future a few years ago, but my answer would be No at this point in my life. Life is full of surprises and we never know what is coming our way, and that's half the fun of life. We all have good times and wonderful moments in life. But we must take the good with the bad and have those moments that aren't so great in our life as well.

I wrote about a lady who inspired me about a year ago. I met this lady a little over a year ago, she has done business in my office a few times. She was diagnosed with cancer but she wasn't going to let it get her down and she was fighting that battle tooth and nail with everything she had. Her husband has been in the office a few times since and I always ask about her because she truly had an impact on me. I came back from lunch today and was informed he had been in while I was gone and heard the tragic news that she has been given two weeks to live. My heart is breaking and I barely know this woman. Her personality reminded me so much of mine and maybe that is why I am so sad over this. This is heartbreaking, but I know from talking to this lady, she has a spot at Heaven's gates waiting for her. She has so much faith in God and has grown with Him since she was diagnosed with cancer. Even though you do not know this woman, I am asking you to please pray for her and her family. She is such a sweetheart and I can almost bet she will be in good positive spirits these last few days the Lord gives her on this earth. But please pray for this family, they are going to need extra comfort especially around the holidays.

We always question why things happen. But there are no answers to those questions. The only answer is to keep moving forward and ask God what the next chapter is in our life. I have always said life is like a book and there are many chapters in the storybook of life. I want to know that I did things to the best of my ability, that I was the best person I could be, and that I lived a full life with no regrets when my time comes one fine day. I wish everyone could have that same attitude, but that can't and will never happen. If I can influence one person to become a better person, or become right with God, or to do more good in their life, then that is worth it all. I want to be a positive rode model for all those that know me, and those that have never even met me. I will never shake my positive attitude about life and everything that happens. I will always be an optimistic person because I choose to be.

I will say it again - life is too short. Do you know how many times I hear that on a weekly basis? You have probably even said it yourself a time or two. This time of year people tend to be a little jollier, a little more upbeat, a little nicer, a little sweeter than the rest of the year. My question is why can't people be like that all year long? People tend to show their nice and giving side this time of year. But if you think about it, if people could be nice and more giving all year long, life would be alot better and easier than it is. Do you agree? There wouldn't be as many fights or as much negativity floating around as there is today. I know I am speaking in a wishful tone, but it is the truth. We just never know what life will throw at us from day to day, so remember to make the most of it and never let an opportunity pass you by. Grab on it and hang on because life has ups and downs everyday. It's the surprise and mystery of life that makes it worth living.


Brandy said...

I will be keeping them in my prayers. Cancer is such an ugly disease. I pray that one day a cure will be found!

Cowboy said...

My prayers are with them and may God comfort the family I know about loosing someone close around the holidays and it is hard... I lost a sister-in-law my senior year of high school.. she had cancer too.... may God be with the family

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. I will be thinking of that family.

Wish I had a blog I would write about my terrible day and the loss of our loved dog Spot.