Sunday, December 28, 2008

Live and Learn

Life is a learning experience. Life is full of lessons we have learned. Life is full of lessons we have yet to learn. And the only way we learn through this life is by experiences we go through. All of the good and the bad situations that have happened to us in this life teach us something about that situation and about life as well. As each day passes in this world, there is something new to be learned each day. It doesn't even have to be something major, but something little can be taken from each day and applied to life in the future.

Each person we meet also influences our life and can impact how we live our life. Each and every person that has come in to my life has made an impact on me somehow, whether it was small or monumental. There have been some who have come into my life for a season, some that have come into my life for forever, but each person has come into my life for a reason. Sometimes we don't always know the reason people come into our lives, but God sends people to us so we can learn a lesson or learn more about ourselves. And sometimes we don't always know if that person if there for a season or for a lifetime, but something is to be gained from every person that enters our life.

This year has had many ups and downs, ins and outs, and many life changing experiences for me. My motto it seems I have repeated to myself over and over again this year has been "Live and Learn." Through every experience or situation I have been through this year, and each new person I have met this year, has brought something I have learned. I have learned who I am through the most difficult of times, and I have become a stronger person because of those trying times. I have also had many good experiences this year and have been blessed tremendously by God above.

So with each positive or negative experience you go through in life, take something from that experience and apply the lesson to your life. Think of a situation you went through that was trying and difficult. When you were in the midst of the moment, you thought your world was over or that your life was just going to crumble. But looking back now, your world was not over and you learned something from that experience you went through. Often times, we must go through difficult times in order to see what we will receive in the future is so much more.

It makes me think of the Carrie Underwood sign that has the line "sometimes that mountain you have been climbing is just a grain of sand." At the current moment when problems are at their max in our lives, it seems as though we are climbing a mountain. We cannot visualize what is over the mountain. When our problems or situation subsides or becomes a problem of the past, we are then able to reach the top of the mountain and look down to the valley. And many times there is a huge blessing awaiting us on the other side of the mountain that we have no idea about. God will never give us more than we can handle. We have all had times we don't see how we can handle our circumstances or move forward. But it's then that God will give us the strength to go on and learn from life's hard times.

So take life's experiences and learn from them. We all gain knowledge as time and life passes each day. It's up to us what we take from our day to day experiences and how we apply them to our life. Take the trying moments in life and learn how to handle trying times in the future with a more positive outlook. Take the wonderful moments in life and treasure them with your heart and your soul. Remember life is a train ride of learning experiences. Live and learn in the life because life is a constant changing tide.

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