Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wow what a year 2008 has been! I went from being married to divorced. I met many new people and made lots of new friends. I have travelled outside of my comfort zone. I used to be terrified to drive on the interstate but that's nothing now! I took a vacation with my life long best friends. I became an aunt-to-be again (you know who you are and I love you!) I turned a year older (don't we all, ha!) I started this blog ~ that was something I was always curious about but never thought I would actually do! And now I have blog followers HAHA. And for those who have paid me compliments on my writing, thank you! It's part of me that was always there but came out with all the changes I went through this year. I have learned who my true friends are. I went from texting just a little on my phone to unlimited texting because my 3000+ messages a month would get expensive if I didn't! I also became one of those cell phone addicts you've read an article about that had moments of panic if I didn't know where my companion was. I won some things from my local radio station and that was a first ~ a CD and some concert tickets! I went to more concerts this year than I have ever been to in my life. I got to see Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Leeann Rimes, Gary Alan, Luke Bryan and Neal McCoy all in this year. Even though I saw all these artists live, it does not beat my George Strait ~ he'll always be #1 in the music department! I got my hair cut differently than it has been for years and I love it. I renewed my license (see previous post, HAHA). I upgraded my vehicle to my cute little SUV I have now. And I have put some miles on that vehicle since I bought it in July! I have learned that if you hear a creaking, grinding noise around your tires, your brakes probably need replaced. (Thank you Blondie for that lesson). I have learned that my youngest daughter is a stand up comedian and even though she is cute, she can embarrass me just as easily! I have learned my oldest daughter is growing up WAY too fast and I'd better treasure the moments because the attitude only gets worse the older they get. I learned what Itunes is and am learning how to use it! (So I'm a little slow in the ipod world but I'm learning LOL). I have learned how to drive and take pictures of the sky at the same time (a new obsession year). I have learned silence can speak volumes over words spoken. I have learned the phrase "lyin in the combine" is cute and cracks me up! I have learned that 30 doesn't sound so old anymore...

Not only have I gotten the chance to experience new things and life this year, I have grown up and learned more about myself this year than any other year of my life. I have come out of my shell more than ever. I no longer hold back if I want to say something to someone nor do I tolerate things I used to. I have also learned life is a roller coaster ride with learning experiences everyday. I have learned my mother can be right sometimes. (I'm sure there will be some comment about that but note I said SOMETIMES). I have learned I will listen to others' advice and appreciate their input, but ultimately I will do what I think is best in the situation. And if I fall from my actions, then so be it, I learned from them. I have learned I make my own decisions in this world and others may or may not influences those choices. I have learned to just be me. Be the best I can be for my daughters, myself and for others. There have been some things I have learned the hard way and some things I have been blessed with beyond my imagination.

So here is a huge welcome to 2009 ~ I will welcome this year with my head held high with the openness for my life to be changed, shaken and abundantly blessed. May God bless each and every person as we welcome 2009 with open arms. Remember to give your loved ones an extra hug or phone call just to say hello!

Have a safe and Happy New Year!


Brandy said...

Well said as always!! I second that. I too feal the same way but am not as gifted in the writing department as you. (as I have said previously you are a wonderful writer.)
When George Straight comes along I think we should go see him together! He is my absolute fav!!!
So here is to a wonderful 2009 to you and everyone!! May God Bless.

Michael W. Moss said...

You have come a LONG WAY my friend! Definately have had that "Blogger" instinct about yas :) To you and the girls, Happy 2009!!