Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Mini Comedian

Do you have kids that like to be funny or do things that you can't help but laugh about? Well I must say there is never a dull moment around our house. My little one has become the entertainment on several occasions. You just really never know quite what she will do or say next. So a few nights ago she informed me that her toothpaste was "taking a bath." I thought what in the world is she talking about?!?!

So then my brain had a flashback to this time last year. She accidentally dropped the cap of her toothpaste down into the sink and it fit just perfectly into the drain to where I could not get it out. The cap was such a perfect fit that no matter what I used to try and pry it out or what I did, the cap became wedged down farther into the drain the more I tried to retrieve it! So finally after multiple tries and using different objects to try and fish out the cap, I gave up and decided to call for back-up assistance. So I dialed up my mom's husband, otherwise known as my Mr. Fix-it who came up with the remedy to solve the problem. He jabbed a sharp knife way down into the plastic and carefully wiggled the stuck cap back up to the surface! So we had a tube of toothpaste that had this lovely knife hole in the cap until it was all used up.

So the other night when my little one informed me that her "toothpaste was taking a bath." I said NOOOOO and knew exactly what that meant! So I ran into the bathroom and sure enough ~ an exact repeat a year later! She once again had the toothpaste cap wedged down into the drain and the sink was half full of water. Only this time her toothpaste was floating in the water "taking a bath." So I dialed up Mr. Fix It and he came over to fix the problem once again. I had a talk with my little one about how the toothpaste doesn't need to take a bath, just people. So a few days later she came up to me again and told me her toothpaste was taking another bath... (But luckily Mr. Fix It was at my house this time so no need to make another phone call LOL)

Then a couple days later I said the words "diaper bag" in conversation with my little comedian. She then informed me that it was an "underwear bag." Well I was puzzled for a few seconds until I realized oh yes, she has been potty trained for awhile. So she corrected me that her "diaper bag" must now be called an "underwear bag" for future reference! So I'm trying to remember to use the correct term but I have been corrected a few times since. I will give her credit and say she does have a very valid point!

No matter what, all kids say the darndest things at some point in time. Sometimes they are embarrassing, sometimes their words can be cute, but what is most important is that we take the time to laugh about their funny sayings. Kids are only little once and might be funny or embarrass us a few times in our lives, but those memories will stick with us a lifetime and become some of the best moments to reflect back upon as they grow older. As I always say, life is short so laugh, love and live happy!

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Anonymous said...

Kaitlyn said the other day "IM A RETARD!" ROFL!