Thursday, October 22, 2009

Harvest Time is Here!

Harvest time, harvest time ~ I love this time of year! Fall is my favorite season because of all the pretty colors, the leaves turning, the combines in the fields, the nice cool crisp air, the bonfires at night, the fact we all have to dig out our warm clothes again. I love everything that comes along with fall! My quote I have always loved to say is "I love fall, but not what follows fall." That would be the yucky cold white stuff that falls from the sky, S-N-O-W. Don't get me wrong, I love the first big snowfall, but after that, it could stay gone for the winter and I would be perfectly content with that.

So it's that time of year again ~ fall and harvest season. When I think of harvest, it makes me think of the crops being harvested by the big old monstrous combines, and the tractors driving in the field, and the semis hauling the grain away from the fields. I absolutely love the farming life and all this comes along with it of course. I would rather ride around in the combine on a Saturday night running through the cornfields than go out on the town. I guess that's just the country girl in me, but I love it!

Here's a harvest saying for ya'll to enjoy ~
Take me out to the cornfield honey. I'll kiss ya between the ears.
(I just thought that was the cutest saying ever!) Get it? Lots of ears of corn in the cornfield. Kissing between the ears. Even the blonde in me got that one right off the bat =-)

Here's a couple more cute ones that signify life but refer to harvest season:

Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.
Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.

If you think about it, life is similar to planting and harvesting crops. Farmers plant the seeds in the spring, watch the crops grow in the summer, and then harvest them in the fall. In life, we plant or sow seeds, watch them grow and sprout, and then wait to see what the end result will be. Every single thing that happens in life starts as a seed and grows. So good things start out small and bloom and blossom into wonderful times. And bad things start out as a small seed and then turn into hard or tough times the longer it grows. The cycle of life and all situations ~ starts out small and eventually grows. Then once that cycle is over, a new cycle begins...

So let's all enjoy harvest while it is here this year! And enjoy the fall season too! I believe the peak of the season will be this weekend. With any luck I will get to the pumpkin patch with the girls and they can pick our their pumpkins to carve. And hopefully I will get lots of pretty pictures of the trees and beautiful scenery that is only here once a year. Fall won't be here much longer so take advantage now and enjoy the last of the decent weather before the cold settles in for the winter. And before my blogs turn into "I hate winter" blogs LOL. Just a forewarning that will happen! So get out there, take in the fresh crisp cool air, and make memories in the fall of 2009 before the season fades away!

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country4life said...

We need a video of my granddaughter riding in the combine saying chop-chop-chop-chop to the end of the field and then in turning ready-set-go chop-chop-chop!!