Friday, October 2, 2009

A Tough Friday

We must always remember to put our trust and faith in God at all times. Even in the most difficult and hard times, we must trust in the Lord. Sometimes we just need a little reminder to do that. I do trust in the Lord at all times, but sometimes it's not always the easiest thing to do. I just have to remember that what happens in life is out of my hands and I cannot control some things. But if I have faith and trust in the Lord, He will not steer me wrong. It's important we remember this each and every day!

Today was a difficult day. Grandma Becky was laid to rest and I am so grateful she is in Heaven with my baby Mindy (as we still call her) and the rest of the family that has gone one before us. The funeral was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. I have missed seeing all of my old family members from when I was married. They all told me I am still family and I am forever grateful for that. This family certainly is a wonderful bunch of people who have touched my life and changed me in so many ways.

Please pray for Grandma Becky's sister, Isabelle. As Isabelle was stepping into the car to attend her sister's funeral, she lost her footing and fell straight backwards and hit her head. She had a huge bump on the back of her head and was rushed to the hospital. She has a blood clot on her brain and they are waiting to see if surgery is an option. From the little information I have, there would only be a 50% chance of survival if she went through surgery. So what are the chances of that? She is leaving to go to her sister's funeral and takes a fall and now they are waiting to see if she will survive this fall. God works in mysterious ways that we do not understand. So I ask that you please add this family to your prayers as they play the waiting game and see what happens.

I would like to thank the Lord again that Grandma Becky is finally at peace. She was such an amazing lady with a great sense of humor. Her funeral contained much laughter and even some dancing, as she told one grandson she wanted people laughing and dancing at her funeral. She is already missed and will be for a long time. Until we meet again Grandma Becky, take care of my Mindy Grace, we love and miss you from all of us in the family! God Bless...

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Brandy said...

Many prayers for all of you!