Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Becoming Blonder

As you begin reading this post, keep in mind that everyone has done this at some point in their lives. Whether you want to admit it or not, it has happened to you. And if it hasn't, indulge me and pretend that is has, ok?

So I went in to Wal-Mart today which I can't seem to stay out of these days. Luckily I only needed two things and didn't have an entire cart full of groceries. So I came out and went to the aisle my car was parked at. Hmmm... there was a problem, my car was no where to be found. Ok, so MAYBE just MAYBE I walked down the wrong aisle? Yes, that had to be it. So I headed in the next aisle over and still couldn't find it. Ok, by now I'm beginning to wonder if Candid Camera is playing a joke on me or something because my car was not where I parked it! So I thought more about it and realized MAYBE I went the wrong way from the original direction I thought it was parked. By this time I am hoping no one has spotted me and realized that there was the idiot who couldn't remember where she parked. You know those guys that sit in the car and let their wife do all the shopping while they wait! (Don't even get me started on that subject because I think grocery shopping shouldn't be a wife thing)...

By this point, I'm sure there was someone who saw me but I didn't care. So the problem was I still didn't know where my car was. So I headed back in the original direction, darting in between cars hoping not to be spotted as the parking lot moron, and then I realized something. I now have a keychain with an alarm button on my car that I could set off and find it!

Great idea ~ other than I didn't want to be more of an idiot by setting off my alarm and making a bigger scene. I already felt like the dumb butt who couldn't find her car, so why would I want to draw more attention to myself? So I hit the lock button knowing it would beep. Well as soon as I spotted it and hit the lock button to confirm it was my ride, I heard the horn honk at me.

Yay! My car was greeting me and was happy to be found. I don't know who was happier, me or my car ~ I was no longer the parking lot moron and the car was no longer lost!

My brother told me something today. He referred to my blog as my blonde blog. He could be right, maybe. And you won't hear me say that too often about my brother, HA! So anyway he sent me a text this morning and I wrote him back and asked if he was in class. His response was "what do you think?" Well I assumed he was in class, BUT kids aren't supposed to be texting in class. So what was his excuse? Everyone does it anyway! Hey, he could have been in the hallway or something for all I knew. So there you go brother, put it down in the record books, you're officially in the blog JWH!

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country4life said...

I am laughing so hard cause I can just picture you wondering around the parking lot. Well at least you were looking for your new vehicle and not the one that you traded off. So you could have been blonder.
That is why when I shop at Walmart I always park in the same aisle and usually within the same 4 or 5 spaces all the time. Of course, I am much older than you and have less memory than you but at least my hair is not blonde.
As far as your brother I am just glad he is in school. He has two tardies this month which is not good. It is amazing what information a mother can learn from the school's family access website. The tardies did not ruffle my feathers as much as the D. Yes that is a D in his drafting class and he is thinking about going to college for drafting. So then I email the teacher who has not responded yet. This is starting to sound like my blog. LOL
Love -MOM-