Saturday, September 20, 2008

Please Say A Prayer

Please add this man and his family to your prayer list. There was a couple en route from New York to Indiana because the man was scheduled to be best man in a wedding today. I do not know details but they had a terrible accident while traveling. The man is in critical condition and his wife was killed in the accident. Please say a prayer for him, his family and his wife's family. It's a sad situation. It goes to show again how we never know what God has planned for us. And when it is our time to come home, he calls us one by one. The pain of dealing with a wreck such as that and the shock of sudden death is very hard and almost unbearable for those closest to the victim.

I cannot say I have been affected directly by a wreck such as that, but I did know a couple with an only child who was killed in the summer of 2000. They were on their way to pick up their daughter and were hit head on by a driver that crossed the center line. The mother was killed instantly and the father died while being life lined to the hospital. Their daughter was 9 years old and didn't fully understand what happened. I wasn't super close the family but I knew the mom and the daughter through my former employer and showing horses. They were sweet people. I will never forget when I heard the name of who had been killed. I was driving to work the next morning and they announced the name and I thought I heard it wrong. Nope, after making a few phone calls, I had heard the name right. And my life has never been the same since. I remember going to the calling hours of this couple. The little girl pointed to the casket on the left and said "there is my mom" and to the casket on the right and said "there is my dad." WOW talk about heart break and fighting back tears.

My life has never been the same since that crash. I became terrified to drive for awhile even though I had to still drive to work and home everyday. I became terrified to let anyone drive with my daughter in their car. I would make them call when they got to their destination. I had the fear of putting her in her carseat in another vehicle and never seeing her again. I have since gotten better about that fear but I can say my worst fear is probably driving. And if I see a wreck or pass by a car that has been wrecked, I freak out for a moment. I cannot look at a wrecked car without my body going into shock for a minute.

Please say a prayer for the man who is in the hospital and for the wife who was called above. And for their family and friends because they are the ones most affected by this tragedy. And take the opportunity to say a prayer for another day on earth and live it to the fullest! You never know when your time will come...


country4life said...

My question is: why do you still drive so fast? Please, Please Slow Down if not for me For the Girls! Love -MOM-

Michael W. Moss said...

No kidding. Driving fast does absolutely nothing but kill. I know, it almost killed me