Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm Such a Blonde!

Yes, I am a blonde. Not a natural blonde though. Ok at least I will admit it. My hair has grown lighter over the last 3 years and I just keep going lighter! So I can blame my ditziness on being a blonde, even though I wasn't born a blonde. Ok so what did I do today that makes me a blonde?

Well we received a shipment from the FedEx man in my office. By the way, this FedEx man is new to our office. He is older and has white hair but he is nice. He isn't the tall blonde lady that brings us packages once a week. She is single with no kids and takes trips to Ireland. Maybe if I was single with no kids, I could take trips to Ireland. Oh wait, I don't know anyone in Ireland so why would I do that? HOLD IT... WAIT just a minute! Wasn't I telling the story about why I'm a blonde? Ok so back to that (sorry us blondes have a short attention span) LOL!

So anyways the nice FedEx man brought us a package. This box was flat as a pancake, but much larger. So as I hand it to my co-worker, I asked "is that our new calendars?" And her response was "yes." Now are you ready for the blonde moment? And NO I am not making this up.

I asked her "are they for next year?" Ok, now this is September so we are nearing the end of the calendar year in 3 months. Then I stood there thinking to myself "what did I just ask?" So then I sold myself out and asked her if she realized what I just said.

We all had a moment's laugh about it including myself. Then I told them we could turn this into a Jeff Foxworthy's "here's your sign" moment. Why in the world would we order new calendars and it not be for the year 2009? I guess I wanted a calendar for 2020, I don't really know! It was a lapse of brain activity and that is my final answer.

Go ahead, laugh because it was funny. You had to be here for the moment but hey, it's still comical. Just so long as you are laughing with me and not at me. Yes I know, you are laughing with me. Everyone always laughs WITH me. Why do I have trouble believing that line? HA!


Blondie (my adopted name that my mother gave me)


country4life said...

Hey Blondie
I was at Dollar Tree and they have their new day planners in. Do I buy a 2009 or a 2010? LOL
Love -MOM-

Simple Country Girl said...

That would be 2009 Mommy Dearest!