Monday, September 22, 2008

Where is Heaven?

Last night I was asked a question that made me think before I answered. My daughter was sitting at the table and said "Mommy, where is heaven?" I thought for a minute. Then I answered that heaven was in the sky and that's where God lives.

Our family dog of 11 years passed away back in July. She has talked about Chewy numerous times since. I have tried to explain to her that Chewy died and we buried her so God could come and take her to heaven. Well, she continues to want to buy Chewy a toy at the store, or little things like that. She told her grandma they needed to dig Chewy up because she is all dirty and we need to clean her up. So trying to explain about heaven and that it is where people and animals go when they die is difficult when it comes to little ones.

Then she asked me about her sister that we lost before she was born. I said baby Mindy is in heaven and she asked why. She is on the "why" stage that little ones pass through at some point. I told her Mindy was in heaven because she was sick when she was born and God took her from this earth when she was 9 days old. She has seen pictures of Mindy and knows that is her sister. She will one day understand when she gets older.

It is a pondering question though: "Where is heaven?" We believe that it is above the clouds and that it is beautiful with golden streets and angels and perfect harmony. Even though my daughter is too young to understand at this point in her life, it does make me think more about where it is and what's it like in heaven.

As I was driving this morning, I took these picture of the sunrise. It was such a beautiful bright orange sun rise this morning. And yes I was driving and taking picture at the same time. I promise there were no cars coming or I wouldn't have been multi-tasking like that. But my point is look at these pictures. Look at the bottom picture. Do you see it? It almost resembles a cross with a light in the middle. Please note I didn't take this picture on purpose for that reason. But that's what I saw after I looked at the pics I had taken. Take a look and see if you agree with me.

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country4life said...

Please refer to me as Granny as my granddaughters do. At least while taking pictures you probably had to slow down. LOL
Yes it is difficult to explain to her about heaven. I have to do it several times a day. But our conversations also include my horse Murphy, my mom Helen, my dad Jim and my grandma Anna.
The prettiest sight I have ever seen is the night I was driving in Oklahoma underneath the full moon. It was like I could have rolled the window down and touched it with my hand. It was right there. Never will forget that sight and I forget a lot of things. LOL
Love -MOM-