Friday, January 2, 2009

A Runny Funny Day

Today was an interesting day to say the least. My poor little daughter woke up 2 mornings ago and waltzed into my room to wake me up. Her exact eyes were "Mommy, I can't see. My eyes, my eyes!" So to my shock I wake up to see her - she wasn't lying! Her eyes were sealed shut from crusty mucus. So once I got her eyes that she couldn't see out of cleaned up, she thanked me! The poor little girl was pitiful and I melted when she thanked me for cleaning her eyes off so she could see. Even though she is a comedian, she also has a heart of gold and is my big little sweetheart!

I kept hoping the whole eye mucus thing would go away with over the counter medicine. No luck and obviously the doctor's office is closed on New Year's Day so today was the grand ole day to visit the pediatrician. So off to the doctor we went, the wonderful doctor of kids. (Sorry got the Wizard of Oz theme song in my head for a second there!)

Well Little Miss Personality was ready to see the doc. He walked in the room and she ran over and jumped on his lap. Then she grabbed his stethoscope and wanted to hear her heart. Then the doc was taking the light and looking at her eyes and nose. Then she piped up "AWW" really loud and already had her mouth wide open. Yep, she had the routine of the doctor visit down! Then she took his stethoscope from him and wanted to hear my heart. Then came the next popular question she asks everyone lately (even those who she sees everyday and knows exactly who they are), "What is your name?" So after the doctor told her his name, she introduced herself to him as well. How polite of her! So once the doc was done and ready to move on to the next patient, she kept chit chatting with him and wanted to play with the stethoscope. Her doctor also has a special talent. He can make a noise with his nose that sounds like a clown nose is squeaking. Well once she figured that out she kept touching his nose and refused to stop! I told the doc he had gotten something started but she was loving every minute of it and giggling like crazy when the squeaky nose would honk.

Well the final verdict was that she had an ear infection. I never knew an ear infection could produce snot flowing like a river out of eyes, but then again, neither of my kids have ever had an ear infection before. So after our long 20 minute visit (record time there) at the pediatrician's office, it was off to fill the prescription and grab some lunch.

Since the prescription wait was triple the time we were at the doctor's office, we decided on Pizza King for lunch. Now this wasn't just any Pizza King, this was the Pizza King Train Station. And that is way cool when you are a child! The choo choo train brings your drinks on a little train on a track. So after we got our drinks off the coolest choo choo train ever, my little one kept asking when the train was coming. It's kind of like the famous "where is Santa Claus" question last month. I bet I heard the "when is the train coming" question 50 times! And what is even cooler about the train station is the fact that there is a TV with a video game built in at the table. Now where can you go at a restaurant and have pizza and TV at the same time? So the kids were all geared up to watch TV since they NEVER get to watch TV at our house and they are so deprived and play the video game. Well we put a quarter in for 15 minutes worth of tube enjoyment only to have the quarter fall into the return quarter slot. So after trying it 20,000 times because I couldn't convince my intelligent daughter that it was broke a couple more times, I had to break the bad news to the TV deprived children. We had to sit in silence of the TV built into our table and listen to our neighbor booths enjoy their working televisions. So we had some nice conversation about when the choo choo train was coming and how we shouldn't push the button to order food after the order has been placed. Not that my daughter did that or anything, but just in case that was to happen you know!

So next came the interesting question of the afternoon ~ "Where is the king?" WHAT?!?! Where is the king? What king? This is the United States of America and there is no king. So after the third time I heard the question from my little one I realized what she was asking. We were at PIZZA KING so where was the king? OH ok now I finally understood. Where was the king at Pizza King? So after a moment of chuckle and asking big sis where the king was, I told her the king wasn't there. I tried to explain how Pizza King was a restaurant and that the "king" was in the name. But little one still wanted to know where "the king" was. So we decided that the king was taking a nap and wasn't available to see at the moment. That settled the location of where the "king" was.

Now a trip to Pizza King wouldn't be fun without a ride on the choo choo train upon departure. Since the broken TV would not accept the quarters, we had some left over. So the girls took a ride on the train and enjoyed their minute or so on the jerky little train that goes choo choo!

So what started out as a day with runny snotty eyes turned out to be a fun funny day with the girls. It was nice to take a chill from the everyday routine of things and be able to enjoy time with them. So hopefully with any luck this whole eye/ear infection or whatever in the heck it may be clears up soon. And with more luck big sis and mommy will avoid it too...

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Michael W. Moss said...

These are the days you treasure and truly remember forever. Your girls will remind you of little stuff like this when they get older, especially when they become adults. You would be amazed how that can shape their lives down the road for the good.

I used to that that same problem with Ear Infections personally as well. When there is no more room for the "gunk" in your ears, it finds the closest opening to relieve the pressure and that is of course the eyes.