Tuesday, January 27, 2009

But it's a good answer Mom!

My oldest daughter was working on her homework the other evening. There was a story she was supposed to read and then answer questions pertaining to the story. Well she was hung up on one of the questions so she asked me for help. She needed to compare and contrast the words "basted" and "swooped." Now she is like me and would rather have a cut and dry question that is easy to answer rather than a thinking question. Well she finally came up with some answers to the contrast part of the question. But she couldn't think of how to compare the words. She racked her brain for a few minutes and then finally wrote something down. Well as I double checked her answers, I had the laugh of the year! For the comparison of these words, my sweet little daughter who makes straight A's and usually has her homework done before I pick her up every evening came up with a very good answer. It read "They are both words." Well after reading her answer and re-reading it a couple times, I put the paper down and busted my gut laughing! She laughed with me and said, "well, they are." Yes, she did have a very good point, they were both words. But I don't really think that's what the teacher had in mind as a good answer to the comparison question. So rather than making her erase it and start over, I decided to let her leave her primary answer to give her teacher a good laugh. We came up with a couple more answers to suit the question so that wasn't the sole answer to the comparison question. I am still laughing over this instance a few days after the fact. It just goes to show, no matter how smart kids are, they all have a little sarcasm buried somewhere in their brains. And my daughter's just happened to come out on her homework that day! She was correct in the fact they were both words, I can't argue with her on that point. And it gave me, my daughter, my friends and her teacher a good laugh as well. It just goes to show you never know what kids will do or say when so be prepared. They all have their moments and the next time something silly happens, it may just be your child that creates the laughs!

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country4life said...

How dare you laugh at my granddaughter and then blog about it. Wish I had my own blog to tell eveyone about the silly things you did.