Friday, January 30, 2009

A Different Light

Have you ever had a moment where you have "seen the light?" Keep in mind this phrase can be taken a number of ways. It can mean one literally "sees a light." It can also mean one can realize something and therefore they have "seen the light" about a certain situation. It can also mean one makes a huge change in their life and claim the changes have come from "seeing the light." Again, "seeing the light" can mean so many different things or be interpreted in many different ways depending on your situation.

I have seen the light about many things in my life throughout the years. I have realized things I have needed to change or sacrifice in my life because of a life changing event. The biggest light I have ever seen in my life was when I realized that God is truly in charge of my life and has a plan for each and every person on this earth. Often times we do not know exactly what the plan is unless we ask God to guide us and show us the direction we are meant to head in this life. There have been times when God has spoke volumes to me about a certain situation that I needed to take charge of and change the direction I was headed. There have been people walk into my life who I believe God sent to me at the time that I needed that person. There have also been people come into my life at times when they needed help and I was able to help that person because of what I have been through on my life's journey so far.

Have you ever been in a situation or come in contact with someone that you would consider you have seen the light about? This could be anything really. For example, take any situation that has occurred in your life that you would consider to be life changing. Whatever that situation may be or may have been at the time, can you look back on the situation and say you learned something from it and "saw the light?" Can you think of a person who has come in to your life, whether for a short while or long while, that you eventually "saw the light" about? When you have "seen the light" about a situation or a person in your life, this can be on either side of the scale. It could be a positive experience that made you "see the light" or it could have been something negative that happened to you that made you "see the light" as well.

Good things happen to those who wait. Good things also happen to those who pray and ask for guidance from the Lord. And I truly believe that when the time is right, God will show you the light about whatever you need or have been praying about. God will answer you when the time is right and when it's time for you to see something in a different light than you have previously seen.

The biggest instance when someone sees the light is when they realize that Jesus Christ is our Savior and died so that we can we can be forgiven for our sins. And when a person accepts Jesus into their heart, their life will be forever changed! When one takes this bold and life changing step in life, there will be a bright light shining at that very moment. And when that bright light shines, one will see the light about many other things that have happened in life and will continue to see the light about their future as long as they keep on the right path and asking for God's guidance.

There are also instances where we see the light about a current situation in our life. Something will break the chain of events that will make us see reality and often times leads us to make a change in that particular scenario. It could be a small or huge decision but the end result is we will come to a point where a decision must be made and a change must occur to make the situation better. This does not necessarily have to be a negative impact of some sort but often times when something is wrong or something bad happens in our life, it takes us back down a notch and makes us realize what is truly is important in life. When something isn't quite going our way and we need to make it right in life, it takes seeing the light to make that change to improve the situation.

There will be people walk in and out of your life all through the years. When someone walks in to your life and seems like such like such a blessing at the time, they probably are a blessing to you. There are those who will continue to be a blessing in your life and there are those who will be a blessing for a short time. If someone is truly meant to stay in your life, God will show you you should hang on to that person with all your might. But if someone is only meant to be in your life for a time, God will eventually show you the light about that person and give you the strength to let go of that person.

Many times when life seems to be going as planned and in a definite direction, we are not able to see the light during those moments. It's when a change occurs or someone begins to act differently, then we forced to make decisions and see the light about that situation or person. Have you had a life changing event, situation, or a person who eventually woke up to see the light about? We have all been through good and bad experiences in life and have had to wake up to reality and see the light about life and what has occurred so far from the time we were born until the present day. Because at that exact point we see the light, we will begin to make the necessary changes to make life better.

And when we see the light, God will normally show us a different direction to head or a "new light" so to speak. And since that new light is a change, that becomes a "different light" that we are not used to following. Sometimes the different light is challenging, a little bit scary, and we feel as though we are treading into unknown territory. But with the challenge and unknown world that lies ahead, the new and different light is a fresh change and rewarding if we follow it. Because it is when we follow the light, the light will shine on our path to our destiny in this life.

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Brandy said...

Very well written. I have seen the light that you speak of on several different occasions with in the past couple months. It's important that we keep it in this perspective though!