Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter Blah!

I have to admit I really do not like winter. I am not a fan of cold weather, cold winds, or snow and ice! Fall is always my favorite season. I just do not like what follows fall. And why does it seem like winter gets longer every year? I'm ok with a little bit of snow around Christmas time and maybe a little after the first of the year. But there is something about January that seems to drag on and on. Maybe it's because it is still 3 months until spring but for some reason that 3 months seems to take years to arrive! Plus winter also seems to bring colds and sickness. Our house has definitely not been immune to sickness this year. My poor little one has had a cold on and off for the past two months. I guess this past week was my turn. I have been dealing with this sinus head cold crap for over a week now and I'm so over it. I finally broke down and went to the doctor 5 days into the cold. Not only did I get an antibiotic but I also got some kick butt cough medicine as well. Now this is no ordinary cough medicine. The doctor told me this was some "good stuff" but did not tell how GOOD it worked. I took it for 3 nights in a row and it knocked me out so well that I could barely get up each morning. So a couple nights ago I decided I wasn't going to take the medicine because I didn't want to feel groggy the next day. Well, that idea lasted until 11 p.m. and then I couldn't stand it anymore. The cough was getting the best of me and I took a swig of the medicine. Wow! Considering I could only stay up 6 hours the next day, I decided no more of the kick butt medicine would be going down my throat!

But really, why is it that January seems to drag, February seems to pass a little quicker (but it should since it's the shortest month of the year), and March takes it time to pass so that we can get to April and springtime?!?! It's like the first snowfall of the year ~ it's exciting and everyone wants to play in it and enjoy it while it lasts. The second snowfall is ok, but not as exciting as the first. The third snowfall is still ok, but starts to get annoying. Then any snowfall after the third is just plain irritating and could stay in the sky as far as I'm concerned!

Maybe I am just going through the "winter blahs" at the moment but I am ready for spring! I start chomping at the bit sometime in January and that time for the year has hit. Plus I guess being sick and down for over a week doesn't help matters. But hopefully I'm on the upper end of it and will be completely over it by next weekend!

So if you are ready for spring (like me), pray that the rest of this winter flies by and that the warm spring weather comes early. Since I'm not a bird and can fly south for the winter, I guess I will deal with the cold temperatures, the snow, the ice and all the "blah" stuff that goes along with it. I will try to enjoy the rest of winter while it lasts and may enjoy playing in the snow if we happen to get more this year. So here is to spring, and maybe by the grace of God, it will come early!

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country4life said...

A BIG BIG SECOND to an early spring. How about just some warmer temperatures toward the end of this month? With 19 does (female goats) to kid (have babies) starting later this month I would so love some 50 degree days and nothing below 32 at night. Probably wishful thinking but just like the lottery, you can dream.

Baby goats are so cute. My daughter may not think so but my granddaughters sure do. Goats are just like all of us, they each have their own personalities! Babies are so cute.

Just realized this is a blog about winter blah and here I am typing about how cute baby goats are. LOL

I am like my daughter that I am not a big fan of winter. I just dress in layers and remember that there are animals depending on me. And unlike my son and daughter they do not back talk, argue or think I am nuts. They are always glad to see me.

I dealt with that headache/sinus stuff before Christmas, which also ruined my birthday. For almost a week I drug myself to the barn to feed and back to the couch. Mine affected my vision and everything I say was in a blur.

Well Blondie, As quickly as time passes it will be spring soon enough.