Monday, March 16, 2009

Down the Road We Go

Have you ever been at a crossroad in your life and not really sure which direction to follow? I think we all have at one point in time or another. And often times we are at many crossroads at the same time with different options to choose. I choose to live life one day at a time and not worry about tomorrow until it is here. We all often wonder what our future holds or where we will be down the road.

There is a new Kenny Chesney song out titled "Down the Road." I have found this song to be very inspirational and I think this tune relates to real life in numerous ways. It talks about seeing what life is going to hold down the road. And it also talks about the importance of being right with God so that you will be successful down the road. I do think it is important to plan for the future. But I also think it's even more important to be open minded to know that the future you have planned could sometimes be different from what your actual future will be.

The one certain thing on this earth is that God knows our future. God knows everything about our life ~ past, present and future. We cannot hide anything from Him because he know all things. He knows the good things we have accomplished in life. He knows the good things we have done for others. He knows the sins we have committed. He knows all the wrong things we have done in this lifetime. God also knows what is in store for our life down the road even when we do not.

When we reach a crossroad in life, we must take time to think about the different choices we have to make. We must take into consideration the outcome our choices could lead us to down the road. If we make rash or hasty decisions, we might end up at another crossroads in the future because we did not take the time to think things through clearly. We must evaluate our options and weigh out the bad with the good. And hopefully we will make the right choice so that in the long run, we can look back and know our decision led us to where God wanted us to be. But most importantly when at a crossroad in life, remember to pray! Pray for what direction God wants you to be and then follow the path you believe the Lord wants you to follow.

It is important to follow the road we think God is pointing us towards because sometimes it is the opposite direction of the road we want to follow. We often want to be in charge of our life and make our own decisions that we believe will benefit us down the road. And there are many times we must make a decision but are still unclear about which road to follow. Or there are other times we come to a stopping point and refuse to make a decision because we do not know the best choice to make. Sometimes when we wait too long to make a decision, we take a chance on losing what we could have. It is extremely important to make decisions while at a crossroads in life, but be sure that you take the time to evaluate choices, but not so long that we miss out on an opportunity.

Our crossroads we have been at in the past and the decisions we make about which direction to follow determine what our future crossroads will be. We can look back at past decisions about which path we followed and determine whether those decisions were good or not. When making decisions and taking into consideration what God wants us to do, I believe we will travel further down the road if we follow His word. We can make any decisions we choose but without guidance at any crossroads, the end result may not always end up where we had hoped it would be.

So remember if you are unclear about which path to take in life, the most important thing to do is pray about it. Make choices that you think are pleasing to the Lord and you will travel farther down the road of life. Live your life so that you are happy and do not worry about what others around you think. You are the one who makes all the decisions about your life, what you do, where you go, who you meet and so forth. God has a direction for all of us if we take the time to listen. In the most quiet times, that is when we learn the most. When we stop carving our own path and LISTEN to Him, we will be shown which direction to go. So start today ~ pray, sit tight and listen. When you feel as God is speaking to you, He probably is. Listen to what He has to say and you just might be surprised. Sometimes what we think is best for us is not what God has in mind for us. So be open minded, lend a listening ear and you WILL find out the plan for your life down the road...

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