Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mantyhose... made just for men!

I have never in my life heard the word "mantyhose" until this morning when my local radio station made it publicly aware that there is such a thing. I believe the exact phrase was "mantyhouse... pantyhose for men." Of course that caught my attention because #1) was this a joke? and #2) who in the world came up with such an invention and #3) was such a product actually a success? So after listening to some testimonials written by construction workers and men that work in offices, there were some phone calls from local listeners that began rolling in. One lady told about how her boss used to wear womens' pantyhose under his polyester pants 30 years ago to keep warm. Wow, he must have been very proud of that to let that little secret out of the bag! So after hearing about mantyhose, I had to do some research for myself and get the scoop on this unbelievable product. If you are so inclined, go ahead and do that. Right now, go to google and search "mantyhose." But beware ~ you might do a search on this product and fall in love with the product so much that you will have order yourself a set of those within the hour. In fact, I'd love for someone to order a pair and write a testimonial about them. And the first person writes their testimonial wins... wins... um... let me think about this one... how about a date with me? HA HA HA! Let's just say if you are so inclined to order yourself a pair of those, you aren't the type I date!

Now I am sure this might be a practical product for some young lad out there who works outside or is like me and freezes all the time. I read a couple of the google links and it sounds like mantyhose might come in handy if you think long johns (which if you think about that word, why in the world are they called "long johns" anyway... but I will get off that kick since this blog is about mantyhose and not where words come from), anyway if you think long johns are too thick or uncomfortable. Me, myself and I personally think long johns are hugely uncomfortable and I am not one to wear them. I'd rather throw on my thick insulated carrhart bibs than wear a layer of clothes under my shirt and jeans! But I guess there are those select manly few who think mantyhose is the way to go!

From a woman's perspective, I do wear pantyhose on occasion. Lately I have worn them a few times with my knee high boots when I feel the desire to dress it up just a bit. I love my knee highs but I'd sure love to kick them to the curb for winter and move the spring sandals in their place! Anyway, I am not a big fan of pantyhose at all. They are the most uncomfortable pieces of stretchy fabric on this planet! And it doesn't seem to matter what I do, it never fails that EVERY time I put on a pair of pantyhose, I end up with a run in them before the day is over. Why is it that I ruin every pair of pantyhose that I touch? I have no clue, but pantyhose runs run in my history of pantyhose! I am fortunate in the fact I do not have to wear pantyhose to work everyday. Then I would have a reason to dread coming to work! So I guess if I only ruin 1 pair of month, that is better than 30 a month. But then again, as soon as the weather breaks and spring is here (which seems like that will never happen), I won't have a reason to wear pantyhose. I can enjoy sporting my bare legs for 6 months of the year! And for us women, that is something to cheer about.

So whoever invented mantyhose, congrats! You have given me blog material and something for the world to think about. I am sure the person has been successful and hats off to them! So men, next time you are a bit chilly, maybe you should consider this new gadget. You never know, it might just warm your hairy legs up! Then you can recommend them to your buddies. Better yet, maybe I should make a flier and start handing out to my farmer buddies. I'm sure that would go over real well. I can see it now... good old farm boys wearing mantyhose while combining corn this fall. Now that would be a sight...


Michael W. Moss said...

Wouldn't catch me dead wearing either kind! April doesn't like wearing them either. I of course, think she looks GOOOOOD in them :)(

Anonymous said...

Some women like to wear pantyhose, some don't. The same thing for men. When women can wear everything men can wear and men can wear earrings and pink shirts, wearing tights/pantyhose isn't going to make them look less manly.