Friday, March 6, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day!

Yes, the day is just full of beauty today! For some reason I woke up this morning as happy as a lark (I love that phrase lately LOL) and ready to tackle the word today. I even woke up early and got some extra things done around the house this morning before jetting like a plane driving to work on this jolly day. I don't know if it's the fact that it is Friday, or that it's the end of a long busy week, but I am just chipper as a birdie today. It made me think (this certainly has been a "thought"ful week) that everyday should be like today. Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up every morning with happy thoughts and no negativity? I think that would be fabulous but reality kicks in and unfortunately some people don't have my positive outlook on life.

But then again, here is a well known fact: YOU choose your outlook on your life, your day, and everything going on in your world. YOU are in charge of deciding if you want to see the positive or negative side of the coin. So Heads Up, Tails Down! Remember those 4 words together and maybe that will help give you some positive energy. It really comes down to a 50/50 chance. You can be happy and roll with the flow or you can choose to be pessimistic and negative. It's your choice, and solely your choice. No one is going to tell you to be happy or unhappy ~ only YOU have the power to make that choice!

I choose to live and love happy because what's the fun in living and loving unhappy? I know from experience it's not worth the battle! And when I choose to be positive, I produce some glowing energy that I hope floats to others around me. Have you ever smiled at someone just out of the blue, just smiled at some stranger for no reason? The majority of the time if you do that, that person will smile back. Maybe they have had a bad day and it lightens their mood just a little to see someone else happily smiling. So if you've never tried that, try that simple little gesture. You might be surprised at the reaction you get!

So remember to see the good in all situations, be a positive influence on others, live happy even when the odds are against you and you will overcome many obstacles in life! Be optimistic rather than pessimistic. Do not plan every second of the future; let life happen day by day. It's alot more fun rolling down that road with an open mind! Take my advice; try it and you just might enjoy life a little bit more!

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