Monday, March 23, 2009

Where Will Your Path Lead You?

God has a path for everyone in this life. The question is how do we know if we are on that path he has paved for us or if we have ventured off the trail? There is one good answer to that question ~ pray about it, and then wait for an answer. The waiting period is unknown often times. It could be right away or it might take some time to receive the answer you have been searching for. One thing I have learned though ~ the longer it takes to receive an answer to the direction God wants us all to follow in our lives, the more we encounter and the more we learn from all experiences life throws at us. The trying and difficult times makes us stronger because we can learn from our weak moments. The storm will always pass eventually, we just have to have patience and faith through the raindrops that fall down on us. I have been so blessed in this life. I thank God every day for each and every blessing he has given our family on this earth. It's when I stop to listen and really focus on where He wants me to be, that is when I typically receive an answer as to what path he has carved for me. I do not want to make my own path through the woods of life, and neither does God want that for any person in this world. God will always come through for us no matter what choices we have made in the past. One other lesson of life I have learned is that when I truly listen to God's word, He will show me which direction to follow. And when I follow the direction He wants me to, the blessings are so abundant that I cannot begin to describe them. There have been times in my life where I was on top of the world and thought I had it all, but little did I know that was not where God intended for me to be. When I have been struck by lightning, it was hard to endure the effects of the storm, but it is so worth going through life's experiences and pain I have endured to get where I am today. I would not trade where I am today for anything. I am right where I am supposed to be at this very moment and I believe God will only continue to direct me as long as I stay true to His word and what plans he has for me. Just by chance the song Hallelujah is playing in the background at my house right this instant. Just another sign from God that I am where I need to be and I need to keep up the faith.

Where will your path lead you in this lifetime? Ask God that question and you will receive an answer when the time is right. Continue to pray for guidance even when you have no idea what He wants you to do or where He wants you to be. Again, you will not always know the answer to your path of life immediately. It takes time and patience to reach your destination. We can learn something each and every day. Take life one day at a time and you will receive the answer when you are meant to. I will leave you with this quote that I created over a year ago when I was going through the roughest time of my life:

"The key elements of life are patience and that things happen in God's time, not ours." <- When we learn patience, we learn a very important characteristic of how God wants us to be in this life. And when we remember that things will happen when the time is right, which is God's time, then we will walk further down our path of life. For when we make our own path, we are not listening to God and will not receive the blessings He has in store for until if we take the time to listen. I pray that each person reading these words takes time to slow down, pray and listen to the plan He has for your life. It could make a big difference if you stay on the right path rather than venture off into the hills or valleys of life!


Anonymous said...

I think he is leading me down a different path at this point in time. I've seen the effects of it already taking places. Lots of changes

Simple Country Girl said...

I understand what you are saying. I am finally starting to receive answers after months of waiting. Very powerful at that. Call or text me sometime and I will fill you in ~ it's amazing!