Tuesday, September 22, 2009

At the Backing Down Point

"Backing down doesn’t always mean that you’re giving up but you know when enough is enough."

This quote was e-mailed to me today. The sender is referring to a certain situation that has been going on long enough. A situation that has created so much drama and gossip and hard feelings that so many people are ready to throw their hands up and just walk away from the situation. There are so many good people involved, so many smart people who if they would just put their heads together instead of work against each other would gain so much ground and solve the problems that have grown over a period of time. I do believe there it a solution to the problem, but all involved must be willing to look ahead and forgive others for past mistakes and let the hurt feelings go. Basically, everyone would have to focus on the future, leave the past in the past, and work together to create a better solution then the current one.

I love the blog I wrote a few weeks ago about how we are the only ones that know when enough is enough. That blog was not written about one particular thing, but the point is only you, I, and every individual person in this world can make the decision that enough is enough. It could be about anything in life ~ relationships, a job, a friendship, a marriage, anything material we are not happy with, problems we have, issues we don't want to deal with, anything really.

Sometimes we deal with something so long, or we are so caught up in a certain situation or a certain person that it begins to consume our every thought. We do not want it to, but it happens if we allow it to. We have two different options when this happens: 1) we sit back and do nothing and allow the problem or situation to grow into a bigger monster or 2) we take control of the situation and figure out a solution to the problem or thing we cannot get off our mind.

Often times people are so wrapped up in the situation they want to win, win, win. Too many people in today's world think they are right and won't accept the fact that not everyone else agrees with their opinion. When you get a group of people like this together, it's not usually a pretty picture. Too many strong headed people trying to do things their own way will eventually come to a crash landing. There must be compromise when working with other people to get the best end result. This is also true in relationships with other people; it is a give and take situation. You may not always agree with everyone else, but remember this ~ they may not agree with you either. That is when you put your ideas together and come up with one big happy medium that everyone can live with. This is obviously much easier said than done, but it is obtainable.

It is obtainable if you want it to be. This involves people getting off their high horse and coming down off their pedestals they believe they should be perched highly on. It involves caving just a little bit to obtain a reasonable solution. This in no way giving up what you believe in or sacrificing your beliefs and morals. But if you stand your ground like a concrete statue, you will be the one that loses out in the long run. People like this eventually lose close friends, lose acquaintances, and genuinely make themselves look like a standing idiot after so much time passes. Once the damage has been done, there is no going back and trying to undo the damage. There is only looking ahead and making the best of the situation and trying to find some kind of repair and solution to the problem.

So if you have a situation in life that you would like resolved, you have to decide what actions you are willing to take to make it better. And maybe you aren't willing to compromise and work towards a solution. And if you are at that point, then that is when enough is enough, and it's time to walk away from it. Sometimes we beat a dead horse on trying to solve a problem or come up with some kind of a solution. But the same old stubborn people won't compromise or some people say one thing while doing another which obviously complicates the situation more. This happens entirely too much in this world. This is why relationships break apart, people lose friends, and people grow to hate one another.

Life is too short for drama, fighting, and having hate for another person or people. If something is not worth the trouble it causes in your life, then maybe it's time to throw in the towel and walk away. Or maybe it's time to stand up and fight for what you believe is right. If you know that the something or someone you have issues with is worth fighting for, then do it. But if you decide that enough is enough and you are tired of the drama, then get rid of the bad stuff in your life. Often times if people work together, they can come up with a solution and a compromise of some kind to benefit all involved. But then other times, people cannot back down from their pride enough to find the answers. I do not have all the answers all the time; I'll be the first to admit it. But I do know right from wrong, and when something isn't in perfect harmony. There have been some things worth saving in my life, and others things I have had to let go. And some things I have let go of were hard to release from my grasp, but it was for the best. As I always say, life is what we make of it. We can sit back and watch it roll by or we can jump on and enjoy the ride. Regardless, make the most of everyday! Don't let other people run your life, but don't be so stubborn you miss out on life either. Life is about compromise and without that, we cannot live life to the fullest.

So remember don't lose sight of lessons in life, but also don't let things run your life into the ground. Know when enough is enough and stand your ground for the sake of yourself and others. You will be much happier when you know you have done all you can, and that you have done the right thing. And if you have tried backing down and compromising to no avail, maybe it's time to walk away. Know when enough is enough, and how much you are willing to tolerate. Then take action one way or another. Good luck in all tough situations on your journey of life; they sure come too often in the world today!


Brandy said...

Well said......

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

country4life said...

do you think that i have did enough?

Simple Country Girl said...

Only you can answer that question! Only each person as an individual can know when they have tried enough, and when in fact enough is enough.