Monday, September 14, 2009

Life's About Learning

I always say that life is a learning experience everyday. I believe we can learn something new every single day we are on this earth. Some days we learn alot and some days we don't learn much, but we can still increase our knowledge just a little each day. What is important about learning new things is how we apply those things to our life. Sometimes we learn about life's experiences, sometimes we learn how to do something new, sometimes we learn new information, there is always something we can learn if we allow ourselves that privilege. But we must take life's new knowledge and retain it and use it to our benefit in the future.

I am always learning new things in my job, new information from my kids, how things are processed, how this is different from that, and so on. I love to learn new information, whether it's something that can I can benefit from, or something I will use later down the road. I also love to learn about people; people are always interesting to learn about. Even our friends we have had for a lifetime can teach us things we never knew. And new people that we encounter along the road of life. I have truly been blessed to learn alot about people in the last year. It has been a people learning experience for me and I have loved every minute of it! I have also learned to read people pretty well. Sometimes I am not always right on target, and sometimes I have someone figured out to a T before I even really know them. Either way, I always make the learning experience a fun one because that's the way I choose to look at it!

Not only can we learn about people, but we are always learning to do something new. We can learn a new task each day if we put our minds to it. There are some days we learn how to do alot at one time. A first day on a new job is a good example. We enter unknown territory and learn as we roll through the day. And after we learn what is expected of us, then things get easier as time progresses. The same goes for new places and new territory. We can quickly learn what other places are like and gain some knowledge about how different operations work. We just have to take the initiative and make the effort to learn and our minds can be fulfilled with new knowledge!

Regardless of what goes on in our life on a daily basis, always remember there is something that can be learned and applied to your life every single day. Sometimes we receive new information we have waited a long time to hear. Other times we receive information that we are devastated to hear. Either way, take what information or new tasks you learn and do something with it. Apply new knowledge or info to your life in some way, shape or form. Learn from your experiences bad and good. Remember what you had to encounter to learn new things along the road of life. Always treasure the memories of good times in your life. And on the flip side, you cannot always take the bad memories of life, stuff them in a box and bury it. Eventually those bad memories or bad things that happened to you come back one way or another. Sometimes we go through something so bad that we want lock it away and throw away the key forever. If this happens to you, pray that God takes those burdens away from you and makes you a better person because of what you went through. Life is not always easy, but it can be if we make it. We can choose to learn something everyday through our life's experiences. But we must apply what we learn along the way to make our future brighter. We cannot change the past; therefore we must look ahead and move on. I still strongly believe in the living day by day theory, and that is EXACTLY what I do every day. I live my life for the here and now and appreciate life's little learning experiences along the way.

I always use a certain phrase and I recently saw this same phrase repeated so many times I couldn't count. It's a very simple statement ~ "Live Well. Love Happy. Laugh Often." Those six little words are very powerful if you read them and apply them to your life. Live well so that you can gain the most life while you are here on this earth. Love happy because love should always be cheerful and make you happy. And laugh often because laughter is good for the heart and soul. If you can do these three things, you will be much happier in life, and you will learn more along life's trail of living. So I pray this for each person ~ if you are not learning something new each day while living, then I pray that this changes. Learning is a wonderful experience, but we must open the door and invite the opportunity in so we allow ourselves to learn new things everyday. But just remember, learning is great and all, but applying that knowledge to your life is even better. And that's what the Lord wants us to do. Take what we know, and learn along the way and make the most of life's experiences and live to the fullest. I live that way everyday and how awesome my life has become! I have had many challenges along the way and I still do; we all do. But we must keep moving forward and learning something new everyday and we will move farther ahead in life. Do not shut out knowledge, for sometimes it can be the best thing that happens to you. Good or bad, happy or sad, learning is a good thing and the sooner you learn that, the sooner your life will be better. Try it today ~ allow yourself to be taught just one thing and apply it to your life. That is what God wants us to do and I pray that you are able to do just that! May God Bless and remember to learn something new today!

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