Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Self Esteem is So Important

Let's talk about self esteem today. Self esteem is the way one looks at himself or herself; in other words how much confidence a person has about oneself. Self esteem seems to be a problem with many people in today's society. We all have hard times in which we allow our self esteem to be lowered to the ground. And we also have those grand and spectacular moments that build our self esteem through the roof. Many people are hard on themselves when things do not roll in their favor. They blame themselves for problems in their life, regardless of whether they created them, or if they were formed by an uncontrollable source.

It is extremely important to have a sense of good self esteem in today's world. Let's face it ~ this life and this world is hard sometimes. Especially with the economy the way it is today; life just gets rough at times. But if we are confident enough in ourselves, we will make it through whatever life throws at us. We have to remember we all the option to choose how we look at situations and things that come into our life. And if we can maintain a high level of self esteem, we will move forward without a flinch and deal with life's hardships head on. And we should never build our self esteem on what is happening in our life. We need to have confidence and trust in ourselves that we can get through even the most gloomiest situations.

Self esteem comes from knowing our self worth. I will say that some people think way too highly of themselves. You all know someone who falls into this category. They think their sh** doesn't stink and they are better than you and everyone else they know. Aw, yes, the overly confident, arrogant pricks we all LOVE to deal with. I have dealt with these kinds of people at work, in a store full of strangers, and even relationships I have had. They make life such a joy and everyone around them jumps at the chance to talk to them. Gotta love these arrogant jerks!

Then on the other end of the spectrum comes the people who don't have any self esteem or very little confidence in themselves. You all also know someone like this as well. No matter what you say or do to the person, they are always down, moping around and depressed about life alot of times. These people want to bring everyone else down with them and usually have a damper on your mood, even if you try not to allow it. Not to sound harsh, but I have no room for these types of people in my life! If someone can't have enough self confidence to know they are important in this world, then they have issues. And I would immediately pray for them and ask the Lord to lift them out of their hole they have buried themselves in. I would always try to help someone in this position if I could, however, I would not allow that person to drag me down with them.

Then there is the average crowd who has confidence in themselves, just not as much as they should at times. Each and every person should know that God created them for a reason and they do have a purpose. We do not always know that purpose but with prayer and guidance, we will find out our purpose when the time is right. When we understand the fact we need to have good self esteem about ourselves, we will live a happier and healthier life. We will begin to see things in a new light, and we will begin to see the overall picture about how we were created, and that we were created for a reason that only the Lord knows. God never makes a mistake when he creates a human being, but it's up to that human being to figure out what he or she is meant to do in this lifetime.

There are many things that can kick our self esteem to the curb. Some things that come to mind our divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of a house, financial troubles, there are many things that have a negative impact on our life. BUT with that said, we must not let those bad things of life beat us down and keep us there. We all have struggles and hardships in life, but in order to overcome those hard times and build ourselves back up, we must walk through the storm and move on. And if we can do that, be assured you are doing exactly what God wants you to do. Have enough confidence in yourself and tell yourself that you can get through the rough times; that, ladies and gentleman, is living life to the fullest and learning along the road of life!

If you are struggling with difficult times in your life, or a hard situation that happened it the past, my advice to you is to let it go. Read those 3 words again ~ Let It Go. Let go of it, give it to the Lord and He will help you overcome your hardship. God does not want us to be down; He wants to help lift us up in life. He wants us to be happy and floating in the clouds as much as we possibly can. Now this theory is not possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but we can choose to look at the bright side of the situation. The Lord wants us to know our self worth so that we can stand our ground on things that are important to us, and to stand up for what we believe in. People, things and situations can bring us down if we let them. But if we can stand our ground and tell ourselves we will be confident and trust in the Lord at all times, we will have high self esteem!

My challenge to you is this ~ if you are feeling sad or lonely or upset about something, know that those feelings are ok. However, DO NOT let those feelings overtake your life and turn you into someone you are not. My heart breaks for those who do not have much self confidence and try to overcompensate for it. If you have little or no self esteem, pretty soon you will become a person that you do not want to be, a person you do not even know, and a person that no one else wants to associate with either. You potentially lose good friendships or lose out on the opportunity to discover new people, places and things in life because you are so caught up in your self pity and low self esteem. Again, if you find yourself feeling down about something, do what it takes to get rid of those feelings until you feel good about yourself again. Confide in friends or family that you can trust, keep those negative people out of your life that want to keep you down, see a counselor, seek new friends who can relate to your situation, do something to help yourself. Because you are the only who can decide when you need a confidence boost or want to drag yourself out of the rut you have let yourself crawl into. I pray for anyone who has low self esteem today, that they would learn that they are worth alot in this world. That they are loved by people on this earth and by the Lord. That each person has a purpose on this earth and a reason to live. Sometimes even the most kindest hearted wonderful people fall into this category and become someone no one wants to be around after time passes. It's truly sad, but it happens. So remember to pray for the Lord to give you confidence, help others when you can, and be a good role model for others. You will appreciate the fact you did when you know you have positive self worth at the end of the day!