Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10 Pet Peeves Women Do That Men Hate

Time to throw in a humorous post! I was driving to work this morning and my local radio station mentioned a survey that was taken. This survey is called "Top 10 Pet Peeves Men Have About Women." I was laughing hysterically as I listened to them roll through the list. So here is the top 10 from that list:

#10 - Calling Men for Nothing
#9 - Overanalyzing What Men Say
#8 - Not Meaning What Us Women Say
#7 - Wanting to Talk at the Wrong Times
#6 - Using PMS as an Excuse to be Grouchy
#5 - Talking Too Much
#4 - Overdramatazing Things
#3 - Being Flirty
#2 - Dressing to the Max and Then Complain that We Get Too Much Attention from Men
#1 - Taking Men Shopping with Us Women

Now if you are a man reading this post, you probably agree with many of the top 10. You may not agree with all of them; however, you can probably put a checkmark next to the majority of those on your own list of pet peeves.

I will admit as I heard the top 10 list myself, I laughed and nodded in agreement that women do these most of these things. But we don't do it to make men irritated, we do it because we are women. And that's what women do! So read on for the comebacks to the top 10 pet peeves...

#10 - Calling a man for nothing. First of all, from a women's perspective, we always have a reason to call. And if we really have nothing to tell you or nothing we really "need", our need to call is to say hi. Yes, women call each other to say "Hi" because that is the friendly and courteous thing to do. Plus us women get bored easily and sometimes feel the need to bother others to entertain ourselves. And if our girlfriends are busy and we are bored, the man is the lucky one who gets the call!

#9 - Overanalyzing what a man says. Again, this is a woman thing and men just do not and will never understand. I am guilty of this myself. We can't just live with a simple sentence. Men typically mean what they say when they say something. However, women read more into it and want to dissect every word of the sentence and find the hidden and true meaning behind what was said. So for example if a man says, "What's for dinner?" First of all, that could be a dangerous question for tons of reasons. A women could take those 3 little words and analyze them into many scenarios depending on what mood she is in at the current moment. So a woman could hear that and think "Wow, he's too lazy to get off his butt and help me out" or "Does he think that's all I'm good for is to cook for him" or "He's starving and I need to get right on that or he's going to be mad at me" or "Doesn't he realize how much work I have to do, let alone take care of the kids and all the chores" and the list goes on and on. This is one little prime example, but most women read far more into what a man says. The man usually states what he means but us women cannot except the sentence for what it is. Period. End. of. discussion.

#8 - Not meaning what we say. This one is embedded in every woman and again, it's just part of being of the female breed. Women want a man to read our minds even though we should be smart enough to know men aren't smart enough to read our brains. If they were, this would not be a problem and therefore I would have nothing to blog about =-). Ok, for those men reading, get over the fact women are smarter than men and continue reading please. Now that I'm dodging apples, I will move on... No really, we expect men to read our minds and it really isn't fair that we are like that. But we are just that way and men have to accept that fact! So here's a hint: If you really want to know what we mean when we say it, find a female friend you can call up and talk to. When your woman tells you something, make a mental note of what she said, call up your friend and ask what the definition of that sentence was. Then once you know the real meaning of what's been said, come up with a cute and romantic answer to what we really mean. Then us women can be won over again with just a few little words. Even if you don't want to play the game, indulge us and do it anyway! Ok. Thank you.

#7 - Women want to talk at the wrong time. WOAH! First of all, there is N-E-V-E-R a wrong time for us women to talk. It's in our blood to want to chit-chat, talk, vent, etc. and sometimes men are the only ones around to listen. So if you are the lucky candidate, be grateful you have been chosen and lend a listening ear. Here's the secret to this pet peeve: Even if you don't want to listen to what we have to say, pretend like you do. It will win you brownie points anyway if you act like you are listening. Just don't make the mistake of answering a question or offering advice if you are not listening 110%. That's just the start of another spat so don't even try that route. If it's truly a moment that you don't want to hear a woman talk, then tell her nicely that you really want to hear what she has to say, but you have to be selfish and a self absorbed jerk your brain is not fully functioning at that exact moment and you can't concentrate on what is being said. At least she will give you credit for being honest.

#6 - Using PMS as our excuse to be a wee bit cranky. There is no arguing with this rule. You try being a woman and have to deal with it. Then when you've had to deal with it, even for a month, you would strike this rule off the list. That's a promise. Guaranteed.

#5 - We talk too much. So what if we do? Is there a problem with it? Not in our dictionary. Refer to the explanation to Rule #7 and you will understand. It's a girl thing and it's in our nature to be talkers. You should thank God we have girlfriends we can talk to so we don't talk your ear off 24/7. But again, when our friends are busy, you get to be the lucky ones to hear us chit chat for hours on end about whatever it is we need to talk about. I have recently been told I am a chatterbox and I know that. Hands down. At least I can admit it. I didn't used to be such a chatterbox but I am now. And that's alright ya'll... (Love that southern twang now)

#4 - We tend to overdramatize things. So does this mean we can be drama queens? The answer is YES we can be. Do we mean to be? Some women do, some don't. I have been accused of being a drama queen even though I don't mean to be. Again, it's just a woman thing. And I have a bubbly bouncy personality so that is one valid reason I can be a drama queen. When I heard this pet peeve, I had a visual image in my head of a woman screaming because she saw a spider. Has this happened to me? No never I am the bravest one of them all Unfortunately, yes. I am a country girl, but spiders do give me the creeps. But in my defense, spiders give most women the creeps. I don't know what it is about a little bitty bug that is a fraction of our size but they are scary. Back to the drama queen thought, I don't think all women are that way. But you will find more women than not are into drama. Funny thing is I do not want or welcome drama into my life, but it seems to find me. Every time! So I will sum this comeback up to yes we tend to overdramatize and that's one characteristic men have to learn to live with. End of story on that one.

#3 - We are flirty? No, never LOL. Why would it be a pet peeve for us to be flirty? I thought men liked that. I guess men need to have more self-esteem and realize if you bring a pretty woman out for the evening, you're going to take that pretty woman home with you. So take the standpoint of being happy you have a woman that takes care of herself and think of it this way - the other men are jealous of you. Yes, you, because you may have something others want. But if you have a good girl, it won't matter and you'll be the one who benefits from taking the pretty girl out for the evening. So why is it a pet peeve for men that women can be flirty but men seem to be the ones who flirt more? I have seen many situations where the man is more flirty than the woman. This brings me to my final point about this pet peeve. It all falls back on how self confident a person is. If you have a girl that gets looks, be glad she gets the attention. And if you treat her well, she will give you the most attention. Remember that little bit of advice! Free of charge =-)

#2 - We dress up and pretty ourselves up and then we complain because we get too much attention. First of all, I'm not totally in agreeance on this pet peeve. I know first and foremost that if I dress sexy, or in my tight jeans with a low cut tight shirt, I am asking for attention and I know it. I think us women like to dress up or get all prettied up to go out to make ourselves feel better. And when we do that, we are asking to get looks. Maybe some women do not know that but to me that is common sense. I don't intentionally dress to get looks the majority of the time. But I do notice I get noticed more now than ever. Maybe before I never knew what to look for or was oblivious to the signs. Or maybe it's the fact I have no ring that says I'm taken and now I'm allowed to get looks. I don't really know to be honest with you. I usually don't complain about getting too much attention unless it's from some psycho wierdo. Then yeah, it's a bit creepy. But then again, I try not to attract attention to myself. Maybe some women need to be self confident about themselves and then it wouldn't bother them to get looks. Wow, didn't I just mention in the last pet peeve that men need to have more self confidence? Maybe I need to sign up as a teacher about a class on that. LOL. Just kidding. No really, I am one of those quiet types that doesn't really like to attract the attention. But if I do, I do find it a lil' bit flattering which of course boosts confidence. Now on to the final pet peeve...

#1 - Taking men shopping. 3 words - WAH, WAH, WAH! If that is all you have to complain about, then find something else to whine about. First of all, most women don't do this in my opinion. Because if a woman has a man that will actually go shopping with her, that woman should be grateful for such a good guy and hang on to him for good! I will admit I do most of my shopping solo or with girlfriends but it is flattering if a man wants to accompany a girl on a shopping trip. But then again, I'm not a big shopper so I don't fall into the same category as other women that are shop-a-holics. My shopping consists of hitting a couple clothing stores maybe once every 2-3 months and trying on a bunch of clothes at once. I'm not a huge shopper and I never will be. Now grocery shopping is in a different category here. I do think it's fair if a man eats the food, I think he should go with the woman to the grocery store. Now I am not saying every single grocery shopping trip needs to be a time for couple bonding, but I also do not believe it's the woman's job to go by herself all the time. It really depends on what the man's personality is in this situation. Some men believe they are superior and therefore that is not on their to do list, and there are others that offer to go with their woman every time, offer to push the cart for her, load the car and carry the groceries in when arriving home. Now I'm not sure I'd want either in a man, somewhere in between would be about the right fit. Have you ever been in Wal-Mart or Kroger on a Friday or Saturday evening? There are actually several couples that grocery shop together. It's kind of their date out of the house and that's ok. I'm all for a grocery shopping weekend date, just not every visit to the grocery store.

So there you have it ~ the top 10 pet peeves women do that men hate and the comebacks to all 10. This was a great list to hear while driving this morning and a fun post to write. Now if I could only find the top 10 pet peeves men do that women hate...

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