Monday, October 6, 2008

The Hoosier Farmer Page

I was looking through the magazine titled "The Hoosier Farmer" that Farm Bureau sends out to members. I normally skim through this book, not reading all the articles in great detail. One article caught my attention and I read it once, then read it again. The title of the article is "Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear" written by Isabella Chism. It was very inspiring and she brought some very valid points to light.

She speaks of the quote that all rearview mirrors have written on them, "Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear." And if you think about that quote, that is true about life. As the article states "there are many things in life we see but don't think they will affect us - or that at least they won't affect us any time soon." The article proceeds to talk about how things happen to "other people" and not to us. We are guilty of looking at a situation and tell ourselves that things can't happen to us, but they do. She makes a bold statement with one quote in the article "Take time for the important things and people in your life. Drastic changes in our lives are closer than they appear."

She also talks about the story of Noah and the Flood from the Bible. For me personally, this is the second reference to Noah and his Ark in the past couple weeks. Our pastor gave a powerful sermon a couple weeks ago and made reference to Noah's Ark several times. As the article states "He was preparing for something he had not experienced before and did not understand. His friends, family and neighbors thought he was crazy until it began to rain. The people who caused him so much grief over the years were the very people who wanted the safety and refuge the Ark provided, but it was too late."

Of course she is referring to agriculture in her article. She talks of how farmers are confident and comfortable with their live's work. But we must begin now to preserve agriculture so it will be around in the future. There are some very good comparisons between agriculture and the rearview mirror and Noah's Ark.

It goes back to my belief about living one day at a time because we do not know what the future holds. We can plan and plan and think we know where our life is headed, and then we get a big smack on the forehead that says "CHANGE!" I do believe it's ok to plan for the future because who doesn't want to plan for the future? But with the way the economy is today, and the way society has become, the future is unknown for many. So preserve today, plan for tomorrow and prepare for what the future holds. We never know what will come our way nor do we know when it will come. Live, laugh and love today because in today's world, tomorrow things could be different.

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