Friday, October 17, 2008

My Lil Bored Genius

I have been told before that I am book smart, but not always common sense smart. (No need to comment on that one MOM) Anyway, I think my common sense has improved over the years. No, I don't think it has, I KNOW it has.

So anyway, I believe that my oldest daughter will follow in my footsteps on being book smart. She received a free dictionary from her school a couple days ago. This was no ordinary dictionary, this was a FREE (she thought that was great) dictionary that became her new reading material. Yes, a dictionary.

Now when I was in elementary school, I learned the 50 states in alphabetical order. There was some dorky catchy song they made us sing in music class so lucky me retained that information thanks to the retarted educational song.

So next thing I know she is reading the 50 states of the United States. Being the mom genius I am, I rambled off all 50 states in alphabetical order. Well, my daughter was shocked and just could not understand how I knew that! All of a sudden I became the smart cool mom which I already knew. So all of a sudden she decided she HAD to learn them right then and she wasn't going to stop until she did. By this point, it was bedtime. So I tuck her in bed for the evening, finish up my chores and get ready to crash myself.

Then a few minutes later I hear my daughter screaming so I jump up and go check out the problem. What was the problem? The problem was she had taught herself the 50 states in alphabetical order and she needed to tell me right then! So after my heart calmed down that there was no fire, tornados, or crazy people in my house everything was fine, she recited all 50 states to me in alphabetical order without skipping a beat! So instead of going to bed and getting some well needed rest, she stays up teaching herself the states. Wow, sounds like something I would have did when I was younger because I was a dork pretty amazing to me!

So that was her big accomplishment yesterday. She stood in front of her class and recited it as well. The teacher said "Wow" and another classmate told her she was really good. That's my baby girl! Smart like her mommy! So now that she has the 50 states down (which by the way, she learned them in like 30 minutes), what's the next item on the agenda? Learning the presidents in order from George Washington to the current one.

Now, I had to learn the presidents in order at one point in time. I believe it was 5th grade. So she is preparing herself well in advance! Now, why is she teaching herself these things and wanting to learn more and more? Because she was (are you ready for this).....


Yes. Bored.

I love my daughter dearly. I guess if she keeps going at this rate, there's a good chance she could be valedictorian of her class someday. Now that's a long time away, or at least it seems it will be. For now, I will enjoy them while they are little and take one day at a time with them. Because that "one day at a time" adds up quickly and makes the years fly by so fast!

I should know. My little brother is a senior in high school. That's just not possible.


country4life said...

I believe that Granny, that's me, will take some credit for this outstanding young lady.

Now, I will let all of you in on a secret. When I use to tuck Blondie into bed at night, she always had a hidden flashlight for some needed light for reading or reading or for some more reading. LOL

It will be great for my granddaughter to be book smart but I made sure this time to incorporate common sense into her life sinse I forgot it for her mother.

I am happy for such an outstanding granddaughter. I gave her a book from Dollar Tree which is a store where all items sell for ?? Blondie, do you know the answer?? Yes $1.00!! Well anyway this is a book about the Presidents of the United States. It has pictures, names and facts about each of them. What a great store! For $1.00 I also bought a package of Dora stickers which I credit potty training the Little Sister at my house. Everytime she used the potty she got to pick a sticker. I took a piece of plain white paper and wrote her name on the top and hung it on the frig. She gets to put the sticker whereever she wishes on the paper. What a great idea, Granny!

Anonymous said...

Well Janelle, Alyssa sounds like Janelle (#2) Both her and Jacob are pretty good with the states. To add, they have been to quite a few of them, more than I ever had at their age. I find it amazing that our kids truly have had more opportunities than I did as a kid. It has proven to be extremely helpful in their self-esteem and learning abilities.

I am very proud of Alyssa and this will of course rub off on Jenna as well. I see that in my own kids as Kaitlyn learns ALOT from Janelle & Jacob.

I think Janelle (#1) turned out pretty good there momma :) You did well :)