Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Being a Sisterly Friend

It was such a lovely morning today. It's always nice when things are going as they should, the kids are cooperating and all is peaceful and calm. Until, until... the little one decides she needs to get sick. And not just in one room, but 3 at that... such a lovely morning it was. Now it wasn't as bad as it sounds for those of you who have had to clean up such a mess before. But I try to look at the positive side or find the humor in every situation. So when all was calm again and the older one is helping the little one get dressed, here is how the conversation flowed:

Lil Sis: "EEEWWWW! Yucky! Yucky! Get if off, get it off! EWWWW" SCREAM!
Big Sis: "Mommy, she has stuff on her shirt" (the second set of clothes)
My actions: It was nothing too terrible so I brush it off and Lil Sis is totally fine again.
Lil Sis (to big Sis): "Are you my friend?" (the ever popular question lately - no one is exempt from being asked this by Lil Sis, not even the strangers in Wal-Mart)
Big Sis: "Yes, I'm your friend even though you were puking."
Me: I lost it laughing, I mean I lost it.

What a bonding moment! They were still friends even though one was sick. How sweet. Even though my oldest is always friends with my youngest, she made it clear she would be friends with her even in the worst times. Now isn't that what being sisters is all about?


country4life said...

Well, let us update this sister love issue an hour later. Lil Sis running down the hall way screaming with Big Sis in hot pursuit, also screaming. I had to laugh! But of course, it is not funny. There is Big Sis with a firm hold on the ponytail of Lil Sis pulling her back to keep her from running. Lil Sis yelling make her let go of me. My first thought is what could this sweet little three year old have done? I came back to reality when I saw the piece of paper which is firmly grasped in the hand of the little one with her sister trying to grab it. So to the older one I say why are you pulling her hair and she replies she took my paper. Like any good grandparent I THREATEN to whip them both. So I give them the option, either both of them get a whippen or neither one gets one and they are even. Of course they choose the last.

The small one is certainly a challenge, to say the least. She likes me and thinks she has to go with me all of the time. So last evening I drop off the one and have to pick up the other. Not too bad, have not seen her all day. We spend some quality time together. She thinks I am taking her home and starts to cry I don't want my mommy, so we pit stop at my house for awhile. I finally take her home and return to mine. Wait, where is my house dog. I know she was inside so I begin looking. Oh, my bedroom door is shut. Wonder who has the habit of shutting doors? I open the door no Mica (or as she is called by the Lil Sis, Rica) so I continue through my room to the master bath room door. Guess what was behind the door, Rica, oh, I mean Mica.

Simple Country Girl said...

I am laughing at the post of your comment! You need to start your own blog. This is too much fun!

country4life said...

I amaze myself at times. The thing is you know it is even funnier today. Would make a great video!

Michael W. Moss said...

They sound like Sisters to me lol :) That is a good post! Janelle And Jacob say things like that to each other even though they fight almost daily :)

Kaitlyn is close to getting "In the mix" as well. Let the good times roll :)